Why buy a ready-made cryptocurrency company in Lithuania

Why buy a ready-made cryptocurrency company in Lithuania

Lithuania is an ideal option for digital currency-oriented companies. The cryptocurrency market is regulated, so companies work officially, with a license, which indicates their reliability. Low taxes, no currency controls, and the ability to start operations immediately after acquiring the company are all among the numerous benefits for investors who want to buy a ready-made cryptocurrency company in Lithuania in 2022.

Why buy a cryptocurrency company in Lithuania

Buying a ready-made cryptocurrency company in Lithuania allows you to start working immediately after purchasing shares. The license applies not only to the Baltics, but also to other EU countries, so the investor will have direct access to the European market. This automatically removes issues of customs regulations, quotas, tariffs and fees in the EU.

Other advantages of crypto business in Lithuania:

  • Stable legislation. The government regulates the market, so cryptocompanies clearly know what to expect rather than hanging in uncertainty.
  • Foreign investors are welcome;
  • The enterprise can be managed from abroad;
  • Foreigners can create investment funds, including virtual assets;
  • ICOs can be conducted through crowdfunding platforms;
  • Financial market participants can partially use digital currency in their work;
  • Income tax - 15%, but for some types of income - 5%;
  • Lack of currency controls;
  • Legitimate methods of reducing tax payments;
  • Low level of corruption;
  • Opportunity to get a loan on favorable terms (from 11%);
  • Lithuania has signed a double taxation treaty with many countries, and there is no special procedure to recognize them;
  • Ability to obtain a residence permit, which gives the right to move freely in the EU, stay in Lithuania for an unlimited period of time.

Lithuania has a high reputation in the market, as the country is not offshore. This allows you to quickly establish contacts with international companies and find reliable business partners.

What you should know about buying a crypto business

Before you buy a cryptocurrency company, you need to determine what kind of business you will be doing. Lithuania issues two cryptolicenses:

  • for exchanging digital currencies with each other and for real money;
  • for storing virtual assets on virtual wallets.

If you plan to develop in two directions, you should look for a company with two licenses. You can consider the option of buying one license, and then getting a second one.

Which company to choose

When buying a ready-made cryptocurrency company in Lithuania 2022, there are three options to consider:

  • A company that has all the paperwork but hasn't been in operation. Its advantage is not only the presence of a license, but also its age. The older the company, the more trustworthy the users are;
  • A loss-making company. In this case, you can save a lot on your purchase, but you need to check it "from beginning to end" - credits, scandals, criminality, and debts to tax inspectors. Any problem - an excuse to lower the price, but in the future it will have to be solved;
  • A profitable company will cost more, but you will get a profitable company, which you can develop in different directions. It also needs to be thoroughly checked for pitfalls, study employee files, determine prospects.

How to buy a cryptocurrency company in Lithuania

To buy a crypto business in Lithuania 2022, contact IT-OFFSHORE experts and we will help you.

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