Global Forex License Mauritius

Global Forex License Mauritius

In 2001, the Financial Services Development Act passed in Mauritius made the country a world center whose brokerage license is recognized by professionals around the world. More than 300 large financial institutions are located here, large deals are made. Among the pluses - the Mauritius Forex license is issued quickly, it pays off in a few months, the assets are well protected.

Benefits of Mauritius for forex business

Mauritius offers:

  • A competitive tax rate of 3%.
  • Opportunity not to pay capital gains tax for corporations operating offshore.

The country provides reliable protection of assets, as the legislative system creates significant obstacles for the implementation of decisions of foreign courts.

Forex licenses of Mauritius

Brokers are issued several licenses on the island:

  • A global forex license, which allows them to provide a full range of services.
  • Limited brokerage license, which gives the right to carry out a certain number of services.
  • Peculiarities of the global forex license
  • A global forex license is ideal for brokers. It covers all activities related to the forex market including activity as a direct broker or representing duties.

Among the permitted types of forex activities in Mauritius are:

  • Ability to act as intermediaries in transactions in clients' securities.
  • Manage client portfolios.
  • To trade securities in order to resell them to the public.
  • Forex brokers have virtually no restrictions on the assets they can trade. They can make trades for clients and manage their portfolios in both CFDs and FX.

Features of the global forex license

  • Simplified and inexpensive process of obtaining it, which allows you to reach the profit in 3 months after registration.
  • Time of licensing - 1-5 months if company registration is included.
  • The authorized capital of the company - $24K.
  • Tax - 3% on offshore profits.
  • Local director - yes.
  • Local shareholder - not required, may be a foreigner.
  • Audit - is required.
  • Physical office in the country - yes.
  • Staff - at least 1 employee (e.g. secretary).

How to get a Forex License Mauritius

Obtaining a global forex license consists of the following steps:

  • Establishment and registration of an international company in Mauritius.
  • Preparation and drafting of shareholders and officers agreements.
  • Adoption of a charter.
  • Development of a business plan.
  • Preparation and preparation of current financial statements.
  • Preparation of financial projections for the next 3 years.
  • Preparation of personal financial statements for the owners of the company.
  • Application for FSC (Financial Services Commission) license.
  • Hiring of an auditor and a prime forex broker.
  • Setting up a bank account and payment systems.
  • Development of AML/KYC policies and procedures to combat fraud and terrorist financing.
  • Development of client agreement forms, which will regulate your cooperation.

It is important to understand that the FSC carefully checks the applicant, and will not issue a license until it is satisfied that the company is clean, meets all the requirements of the regulator. To get a Mauritius Forex license in 2022 as fast as possible, we recommend contacting IT-OFFSHORE specialists.

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