What is interesting about offshore Madeira 2022

What is interesting about offshore Madeira 2022

An offshore in Madeira 2022 offers many advantages, such as loyal taxes, developed IT technologies, and a stable political situation. The archipelago belongs to Portugal, so any local company has access to the EU market. A company registered here has no difficulties with international banks, which enables to successfully conduct business in many countries.

What is interesting about offshore Madeira

Madeira, being a territory of Portugal, boasts such advantages:

  • Fast business registration;
  • High rates of economic growth;
  • Developed transport infrastructure;
  • Low crime rate;
  • Affordable prices on real estate, goods, services;
  • The qualified labor force is cheaper than in other EU countries;
  • A positive attitude from the government to investors;
  • The modern banking sector;
  • The loyal and favorable tax system;
  • Developed IT-technologies.

EU Status

Madeira, part of Portugal, is a member of the EU, but due to its geographical location has an indulgence in terms of taxes and customs duties. European rules provide for assistance to remote regions of the EU if the companies registered there really work and create jobs.


Madeira gives a lot of tax benefits to companies registered here, which do not operate in the territory of Portugal:

  • The reduced corporate income tax rate for international commerce;
  • Tax exemption on wages received from foreign companies;
  • Active income tax of 5% until the end of 2027;
  • No municipal property and real estate transfer tax;
  • No withholding tax on dividend payments;
  • Exemption from tax on interest, royalty fees and services paid to non-residents;
  • No property transfer tax, property tax, regional, municipal tax;
  • Exemption from stamp duty is 80% if the companies involved are outside Portugal or Madeira;
  • The jurisdiction has signed double taxation treaties with many countries around the world;
  • The money saved through tax incentives can be used profitably, for example, increasing the salaries of employees to work more actively for the benefit of the company, or advertising to attract the attention of customers. Doing the right thing will boost your business.

Opportunity to register different types of companies

In Madeira, it is possible to engage in different types of business, register or buy offshore in Madeira of different types:

  • Limited Liability Company (Tax Resident LLC);
  • A local limited liability company (Madeira LLC);
  • Company with 100% foreign capital;
  • A company in a special industrial zone (IBC Madeira/Santa Maria);
  • Joint Stock Company (JSC);
  • Limited Liability Company and Golden Visa (Golden Visa LLC);
  • Representative Office (RO).

LLC is considered the best option for offshore companies. It can be registered as a public or private joint stock company.

Registration of trusts

Madeira is the only territory in Portugal that allows the registration of a trust, but it does not have the right to directly engage in financial activities. The settlor must specify the law that will regulate the operation of the trust. If he wishes, he can always replace it, which requires an amendment to the Trust Deed.

International Maritime Register MAR

MAR offers unique advantages to maritime businesses. Special tax incentives apply to almost all ships (except fishing boats), as well as to shipping companies and those working with yachts.

How to register a business in Madeira

To learn more about the benefits of doing business in Madeira 2022, contact IT-OFFSHORE experts.

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