How to get Digital Nomad Visa in Cyprus in 2021

How to get Digital Nomad Visa in Cyprus in 2021

Imagine sea, sun, beaches, tropical forests: this scenery makes many people dream of working in Cyprus. The local government offers this opportunity to non-residents working remotely. Getting Digital Nomad Visa in Cyprus allows them to live with their family on the island for several years without running around with requests to extend it.

What is the Digital Nomad Visa

A Remote Worker / Digital Nomad Visa is a document that allows:

  • living permanently in the country that issues it;
  • avoiding taxes in full or in part.

The validity period of Digital Nomad is longer than that of a tourist visa, but there are problems in employment. A non-resident cannot work in local companies. The reason - Visa is designed for foreigners who work remotely for a foreign company or on their own, but want to live in a particular country (e.g. Cyprus, Estonia, Spain) or travel around the world.

So that visa holders do not become a burden, the country that issues it, usually requires to show the following:

  • Proof of a certain amount in a bank account;
  • A certificate of no criminal record. The applicant must have a clean history, no involvement in crimes;
  • Health insurance.

 Digital Nomad Visa in Cyprus

Cyprus is on the list of countries that issue Digital Nomad Visa. The law, aimed at attracting foreign specialists, was adopted in October 2021. The program will start in January 2022, and 100 specialists who do not reside in the EU will be able to get a visa.

Visa allows one to live and work in Cyprus, as well as in any EU state. It is valid for 1 year and renewable for 2 years. The applicant can take his/her family with him/her, who will receive a residence permit upon request. It is valid for the same amount of time as the digital visa of the main applicant.

The spouse of the visa holder and their minor children may not work in Cyprus. If they reside longer than 183 days in one tax year, they are considered tax residents of the island, if they do not pay taxes in another state.

Advantages of a remote worker visa in Cyprus

  • No need to take a residence permit or citizenship;
  • Ability to work in any EU country as long as Visa is valid;
  • Ability to obtain a Cypriot passport in 5 years, and with a good command of Greek in four years. Previously, it took 7 years to obtain citizenship;
  • Employee with a salary of more than 55 thousand euros per year get 50% income tax exemption;
  • Visa approval within 2-3 months;
  • Lowest tax rate in Europe.

What is necessary to get a Digital Nomad Visa in Cyprus

The main condition for obtaining a digital visa is to provide proof that the applicant has at least 3.5 thousand euros per month. This amount, according to the government, should be enough to cover living expenses without becoming a burden on the country.

The proof can be the following:

  • a bank account;
  • a work contract or an employment contract.

If the applicant's spouse will be living with him/her, the amount of €3,500 is increased by 20%. If there will be children, another 15% for each child will apply.

Other documents for Digital Nomad Visa include:

  • A clear copy of a valid passport.
  • Two passport sized photos (jpeg format).
  • Employment contract, signed and stamped.
  • Original certificate of no criminal record from country of birth, residency.
  • Medical insurance.
  • Diploma with apostille.
  • Contract of lease or contract of sale of the house / apartment.
  • Bank guarantee / bank statement and proof of transfer from abroad.
  • CV.

If you want to apply for a Digital Nomad Visa in Cyprus 2021/22, contact IT-OFFSHORE specialists and we will help you.

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