How to buy a ready-made company in Hungary in 2022

How to buy a ready-made company in Hungary in 2022

A ready-made company in Hungary in 2022 is a great option for investors who do not want to bother with opening a new company. Re-registration takes 2-3 days, and there are many advantages. The company is already registered, so all founding documents are in order, and the minimum amount of share capital is not required. The company can start working much faster than if it started from scratch. The fact that the company has been on the market for several years will give it credibility and trust.

Advantages of a ready-made company in Hungary

Owning a business in Hungary is profitable due to these reasons:

  • Hungarian companies can be fully owned and controlled by foreigners;
  • You can choose a company whose activities fully meet the requirements of the buyer;
  • A business that has been on the market for many years will more easily get a loan from a bank, if there are no serious debts;
  • The country is part of the EU, but the cost of living is lower than in other states of the Union;
  • Taxes: corporate 9%, local business 2%, intellectual works 5%, income tax, dividends received 0%;
  • VAT number is issued immediately;
  • Company registration in Hungary in 2022 allows you to trade with all EU countries;
  • Physical office, hiring local staff is not required;
  • You can open, buy, manage your business remotely;
  • Possibility to open a bank account remotely;
  • The country has signed double taxation agreements with many countries.

What you should know when buying a ready-made business in Hungary

Remember that the new owner is responsible for all the mistakes made by the previous owners. Therefore, before concluding the deal, you need to do the following:

  • Check the financial situation of the company;
  • Make sure that the firm is not bankrupt at the stage of liquidation;
  • Examine the credit history;
  • Find out if any criminal cases have been filed against the company;
  • Examine the accounting records. Remember that the IRS may require papers for the last 10 years;
  • Make sure that all of the company's processes are well established. If not, you can lower the price;
  • If you are not going to completely change the company's employees, the type of business, you need to carefully examine their work;
  • Clarify which of the sellers is authorized to sign the contract of sale.

How to buy a business in Hungary

Buying a company must be accompanied by lawyers who know the local market. Foreign businesspeople who want to buy a company in Hungary can do it remotely, through intermediaries.

To complete the transaction, the buyer must provide:

  • a passport;
  • a copy of the registration page or a utility bill as proof of residency;
  • a completed questionnaire, which will include details of shareholders, owners, etc.;
  • details about the new director and accountant.

Signed documents must be submitted to the Hungarian registration court, which will take into account these and other changes that the new owner will make to the company.

How to quickly buy a ready-made business in Hungary

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