Where to get a digital banking license in 2021

Where to get a digital banking license in 2021

Obtaining a digital banking license in 2021 facilitates the creation of innovative products, and it is possible to provide services in the country of registration and around the world, offering affordable banking to customers. Depending on the chosen country where the license will be obtained, different types of activities are presented.


Relevant to obtaining a digital banking license in 2021 in Georgia. Companies that are able to show the presence of a stable banking model can apply for an application. It is necessary to have both a business and financial plan, as well as develop risk mitigation methods.

Based on the results of the model review, the regulator issues a banking authorization, after which the bank must test the model for its compliance with the concept. When this stage is completed, you can start to carry out real operations. At first, only current accounts can be created, then deposits and credits can be taken.

Sierra Leone

According to the banking law, persons who plan to provide financial services - for example, to take deposits and provide financial products - must apply for a permit.

In order to execute the document, an application has to be written in English and submitted to the Bank of the Jurisdiction. In addition, it is necessary to provide information about the name of the organization, the Charter, and the capital structure. Information about the people who own the company is required as well. The company must have a physical office in the country. Risk management algorithm, financial plan, and business development forecast will need to be provided. Application is processed within 3 months.


The decision to issue a banking license is made by the Minister. In order to apply for a banking license in Vanuatu you will need to find a licensed agent in advance. Please contact our professionals at IT-OFFSHORE to inquire about obtaining a license. In order to obtain a license you will need to provide proof of registered capital of $500,000 and a detailed business plan.

Availability of an actual office and staff in the country - a professional director with a profile education is required. Documents will need to be collected to identify the beneficiaries of the bank.


Persons planning to work in the banking sector must obtain an FMA license. It allows you to take deposits, issue loans, hold securities, as well as perform payment transfers and currency exchange transactions.

The actual place of bank management must be located in the jurisdiction. At the time of the issuance of the license, the bank must prove that it has paid-in capital of CHF 10,000,000 or more.

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