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Nordea Bank

Bank Luminor is the third largest financial services provider in the Baltic States with a market share of 16% in deposits and 23% in lending. It was formed as a result of Latvian subsidiaries of Nordea and DNB banks merging, the two largest financial institutions in the Northern Europe.

This association had a positive impact on the bank's work and the quality of the offered services, and currently it serves more than 1.3 million customers, employing more than 3 thousand employees. Taking into account that the banking system in Latvia is very reliable, having an account in Luminor Bank guarantees its owner stability and access to many financial products.

Bank services

Bank Luminor offers various types of services to customers. Among them:

• Different account types.
• Debit and credit cards (Luminor customers can use DNB and Nordea credit cards, withdrawing money from ATMs of these banks without commission).
• Internal and international transactions.
• Payment for goods and services via the Internet.
• Lending (financing of business, mortgages, loans for housing, cars, etc.).
• Investments.
• Portfolio and capital management.
• Financial and legal advices.
• Insurance.

The client can make money management, monitor the status of the account remotely via Internet banking or using a mobile phone. The service is available around the clock, regardless of the time of year. Through the web-banking client can pay bills, make money transfers, create payment templates and much more. The system is reliably protected from hacking, so if the client does not disclose personal information and take care of anti-virus protection, account hijacking is impossible.

How to open an account

In Luminor Bank you can open bank account remotely. Our experts will help you quickly, in a short time prepare all necessary documents, fill the forms in correctly way. It is very important to listen our recommendations. We also provide fast of securities delivery to the main bank office. The Luminor employee takes about two weeks to review the documents.