Bank Eurobank Cyprus

Bank Eurobank Cyprus

Eurobank Cyprus is the best private bank in Cyprus by the results of 2016. Founded in 2007, it shows impressive growth rate, high profitability, characterized by strong capital and liquidity. Thanks to positive financial results, Eurobank Cyprus LTD continues dynamically developing. Currently, the bank has branches in all major cities of Cyprus.

About the Bank

Eurobank Cyprus Ltd is subsidiary of ERB New Europe Holding BV, which is registered in the Netherlands. In turn, ERB New Europe Holding BV is owned by Eurobank Ergasias SA. This is the third largest Greek bank.

Eurobank Group is dynamic financial institution, whose branches are present in seven countries: the group owns 897 service points in Greece and abroad. Eurobank Greece has branches in Bulgaria (Eurobank Bulgaria), Romania, Serbia, operates real estate in Cyprus, Luxembourg and London.

The total volume of assets is 64.0 billion euros, the number of employees exceeds 15 thousand. Eurobank EFG began its work in 1990 and continues its dynamic course, focusing on the needs of customers, provides a full range of financial products for individuals and corporate clients.

Dynamics and strategy

Eurobank Cyprus offers special solutions tailored to customer needs. The institution operates in five key areas:

• Work with corporate clients.
• Management of private capital.
• Work in international direction.
• International (global) markets.
• Work with wealthy clients.

The cornerstone success of Eurobank Ergasias SA is employees professionalism, who provide service and advice at a high level within the current legislation. The bank's consultants have not only deep knowledge of the market, but also strive to provide solutions that meet the needs of customers.

In its activities, Eurobank Cyprus is guided by the fact that it operates within the regulatory framework developed by the Central Bank of Cyprus. At the same time, Eurobank Cyprus LTD respects full confidentiality, strictly following the procedures that protect the client's personal data.

Bank services

Eurobank Cy works with both private and corporate clients. In addition to standard banking products and services, Eurobank Cyprus, Corporate Banking offers such specialized products as:

• Corporate loans, investment and capital loans.
• Individual solutions for credit financing.
• Sponsoring of business projects.
• Trade financing through letters of guarantee, letters of credit, bills of exchange, etc.
• Banking services for corporate transactions, incl. daily transfers in the form of mass payments (for example, wages).
• Corporate and private credit and debit cards.
• Services for Cypriot companies of small and medium-sized business, medium-sized firms.

Eurobank EFG Cyprus offers credit and debit cards for personal or business usage. Visa Eurobank Cyprus cards are equipped with contactless chip, are supported by free “SMS-notifications” in order to better security. For additional protection of Internet transactions, the bank offers free "Eurobank Verified by VISA" service using one-time code (OTP), which is delivered to the bank's customer via SMS every time the card user makes an online transaction. This code must be entered to complete the purchase.

One can find other information on the official Eurobank website To make it easier for the user to work with numbers and banking services, the Eurobank Cyprus website has a credit calculator, currency converter, and their ratio in relation to each other.

Remote account management

The client can managing financial transactions remotely through Internet banking, going through Eurobank Cyprus LTD official website. Login to the system through the address: The new Eurobank Cyprus e-Banking platform is aimed at fast, safe and efficient customer service 24 hours a day. The system is available in both English and Russian for individual and corporate clients.

With the help of e-Banking, the client of Eurobank EFG Cyprus LTD can work with accounts, check current balances and account statements with simple navigation in the service panel, configure the control panel, set priority for certain accounts, create a payment template. Through Eurobank GR e-banking, you can also make money transfers between your accounts and third parties. If necessary, you can use the service "Mass quick payments". With the help of the system, the client can view electronic financial documents, export to Word, PDF and Excel formats.

The site of Eurobank Cyprus LTD is reliably protected from hacking. If you wish, you can pay via Eurobank banking using a token-device or special program that requires entering one-time password. To make protection more perfect, you need to take care of anti-virus protection for your computer, as well as not to reveal confidential data to anyone.

How to open an account

Our specialists will help you to open an account in Eurobank GR in both Cyprus and other branches (for example, Eurobank Bulgaria AD). We will prepare all necessary documents, will help to fill them correctly: if something causes suspicion of a bank employee, the institution may refuse to open an account. Personal visit is not necessary for bank account opening. We will accompany you at the interview, in every possible way helping to make the final decision in your favor.


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