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United Bank

Island of Curacao is located in the Caribbean Sea and is the part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, is in the white list of the OECD. Therefore, having an account with a local bank is well suited for companies wishing to reduce the tax burden. It is necessary to pay attention to United Bank. The bank willingly works with both onshore and offshore companies, providing high-quality financial services.

About the Bank

United Bank was opened in 2009 in Willemstad, the capital of Curacao. And although it was a period of the global crisis, for the bank it was an ideal time to start activities. The staff and the management of the bank were carefully chosen in view of their professionalism, which had a positive impact on the quality of the work. Bank was not limited one Curaçao and opened representative offices on other islands of the Caribbean (Anguilla, Aruba), as well as in Cyprus, Ireland, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, England, USA.

United works only in secure jurisdictions. Its headquarter is in the Netherlands, where there is a stable political and economic climate, liberal trade and investment policy, favorable conditions for foreign investment, and a large number of bilateral trade and investment agreements are concluded between the country and other states. Such countries as Cyprus and Malta are full members of the EU and Eurozone. The bank has advantageous strategic geographical location at the crossroads between Europe, Middle East and North Africa, and have many signed tax treaties. Luxembourg, London are the leading financial centers.

Bank services

The Bank works both with private clients and enterprises, providing legal and financial services on the international market. Among them:

• Checking account.
• Credit cards.
• Local and international payments, incl. SWIFT.
• Financial and payment services (treasury, structured finance, work with securities, etc.).
• Management of private property of wealthy clients (financial planning, creation of trusts and funds, provision of trustees and advice, accounting and reporting).
• Work with investments.
• Corporate services (accounting, tax, legal advice).
• Brokerage services.
• Management of risks.

In addition to financial services, the bank actively participates in the social life of the society, sponsoring projects aimed at personal development.

The clients can monitor the movement of money on the account, monitor the state of finance through Internet banking. The service is available around the clock, anywhere in the world with Internet access. The system is reliably protected from hacking, so the user can not worry about the theft of their data.

How to open an account

You can open an account in United Bank remotely. Please contact our company and we will help you to prepare all documents, fill out the forms correctly, translate it into English, notarize. Then we will send a package of documents to the bank. After receipt of the documents in the central office, the account will be opened within ten days.

We also provide services for bank account opening in the following banks:

• Bank of United States (USA).
• East west United bank (Luxembourg).
• United Bank for Africa (Nigeria).
• United overseas bank (Singapore).
• United Arab Bank (UAE).
• United emirates bank (UAE).
• United Bank Limited (Pakistan).
• United Arab Emirates Central Bank.
• United Bulgarian bank (Bulgaria).
• United Bank of India.
• First United bank and other financial institutions.