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Global Bank

Global Bank of Commerce Ltd., located in Antigua and Barbuda, is one of the best banks in the Caribbean. It annually successfully passes financial external audit, cooperates with many banks and credit unions of the region, North America, Europe.

Professionalism, high-quality financial services, strict observance of confidentiality makes the bank attractive for bank account opening for offshore company.

Global Bank of Commerce Ltd began operations in 1983, and is considered as the "grandfather" of international banking in Antigua. The Bank seeks to maintain high standards of risk management related to banking. The bank’s work is controlled by the PKF, one of the best audit companies, which operates in 120 countries.

О банке

To prevent laundering of criminal money and sponsoring terrorism through local banks, Global Bank actively supported the decision of its government, which made Antigua as the first financial center that banned deposits replenishment in cash. The law began to operate in 1999, and helped to eliminate the opening of anonymous cash deposits, which closed the door for any money laundering.
This means that the bank's customers can not be afraid that it will be closed due to illegal activities.

All funds stored in the bank are received here by money orders from other financial institutions, which ensures full transparency of the transaction. Accordingly, one can withdraws funds from bank accounts by transferring them to the offices of another bank.

Supporting the program of combating with illegal money, Global Bank of Commerce, Ltd. became the first bank in the Eastern Caribbean, which invests in modern software aimed at monitoring the tracking of transactions.

Bank services

  • Savings, current and cash accounts in major world currencies (euro, Canadian and American dollars, English pounds).
  • Deposits and loans.
  • Corporate and trust services.
  • Private banking.
  • Capital Management.
  • Credit services.
  • Full range of services related to e-commerce, incl. actions aimed at preventing fraud by buyers / sellers.
  • The opportunity for international business corporations established in Antigua and Barbuda for trading via the Internet.
  • Website

One can manages the account, makes various financial transactions through Internet banking. The platform is available at any time of the day, reliably protected by multi-stage security system.

How to open an account

Personal visit is not necessary for bank account opening. We will help you to collect all necessary documents, filling the forms correctly, translate into English, notarize, send to the central office. The bank takes about a week to review the received documents.


Deposit Protection

For his investments, the client can not be afraid: they are protected by the Deposit Guarantee Law.

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