Standard Chartered Bank

Standard Chartered Bank

Standard Chartered Bank (Singapore) Limited (SCBSL) is one of the best financial institutions in Singapore. The bank works with private clients and legal entities, offering various banking products, consulting. The bank offers clients the opportunity to use various financial instruments, guarantees reliability and stability.

About the Bank

Standard Chartered Bank (Singapore) is a subsidiary of the international conglomerate Standard Chartered Bank, which was established in 1859 in London, where its headquarters is currently based. Although the board of the conglomerate is based in the UK, and initially Standard Chartered Bank London did not have branches, as it focused on developing African and Asian countries. Its subsidiaries are in China (Standard Chartered bank China Limited), Hong Kong (Standard Chartered bank Hong Kong). There is also conglomerate in America, where it is known as Standard Chartered bank New York.

Particular attention in the formation of the conglomerate was paid to Singapore, which is one of the most important financial centers of the region. The first office was opened here in 1859 and since then the bank has not ceased its activities. In 1999, the financial institution became one of the first foreign-owned banks to receive a full Qualifying Full Bank license (QFB).

In 2013, the bank's board decided to merge Singaporean retail business, small and medium-sized business into Standard Chartered Bank (Singapore) Limited ("SCBSL"). After that, all banking services for retail customers (capital management, overdrafts, personal loans, credit cards, auto financing, mortgage loans) are offered by SCBSL. Currently, there are 7 thousand employees, about 20 branches, several banking centers, installed more than 30 ATMs.

What does the bank offer?

SCBSL offers financial services to private clients and corporations. Among them:

• Current and savings accounts.
• Deposits, incl. time deposits.
• Lending (personal loans, business financing, real estate purchase, overdrafts, letters of guarantee, etc.).
• Internal and international transfers (including Standard Chartered bank Swift).
• Investment, incl. in foreign currency.
• Stock trading, investment.
• Insurance.
• Remote service.
• Professional consultations.
• Portfolio management.
• Insurance.
• Internet site where you can find all necessary details of the Singapore bank.

In 2016, the bank received the award for the best digital and mobile banking in Singapore. Easy-to-use, securely protected Internet banking allows customers to make banking transactions via the Internet anywhere and anytime. With the help of Standard Chartered bank online banking, you can control the balance, make quick money transfers, receive information on transactions by e-mail, quickly open deposits, update personal data, learn the percentage of Standard Chartered bank deposits, and make other financial transactions. The same can be done with the mobile application S2B Standard Chartered bank.

How to open an account

One can remotely open bank account in Standard Chartered Bank Limited.
Our specialists will help you to open a Standard Chartered bank account in Moscow: they will prepare all necessary papers, help to fill in, translate into English, notarize, and then the documents will be sent to the bank. After receipt of documents in the central office, the bank examines the application within a month. When completing the questionnaires, it is important to follow our recommendations: if something provokes suspicions from a bank employee, he may require additional documents.


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