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Rietumu Banka

The income of the Latvian Rietumu Bank in 2016 exceeded eighty million euros, that is in eleven percent better than in the previous year. The bank's assets by the end of 2016 amounted 3.5 billion euros, the amount of deposits - almost 3 billion. Taking into account these and other data, bank account opening in Rietumu Bank means making the right choice.

About the Bank

Rietumu Banka is a bank whose shares are held by its founders. In 1991, Leonid Esterkin had the idea of establishing a banking institution, which was later called as Rietumu, and in May of the following year the bank was registered in the Register of Latvian Enterprises. Tony Levin was involved in the work. The newest technologies enabled the launch a remote customer service in 1993, and investors were able to manage their accounts without leaving home or office.

In 1995 Rietumu became the fifth in the rating of the largest banks of Latvia, and its branches began to open abroad, mainly in the countries of the CIS and the Baltic States. After a while, France learned about the branches of Rietumu. In the same year, the bank issued the first credit card, the next began to work with securities, opened website. In 1997, the institution was headed by Michael Bork, who directly worked with the President of the Bank of Latvia. In 1999, Rietumu began to accept the first deposits in the Euro-currency.

After buying the shares of Saules Banka in 2001, one of the best financial institutions in the country, Rietumu Banka was among the first Baltic banks in terms of working with legal entities. In 2004, Global Finance recognized Rietumu as the country's best financial institution in the area of foreign exchange operations, and according to the version of The Banker it was the second in the list of the fastest growing banks in the Central European countries. In 2009, Rietumu Bank was the most profitable bank in the country, in 2016 – was the best financial institution in the Baltic and CIS.

What does the bank offer

Rietumu Banka presents to its correspondents a huge number of financial services. Among them:

• Payment services (bank accounts, payments, transactions with currencies).
• Lending, including credit cards (can be issued via the Internet).
• Business financing.
• Deposits in euros, dollars, rubles, english. pounds.
• Asset Management.
• Internet banking.
• International payments.
• Consulting.
• Brokerage services.
• Assistance in obtaining a residence permit in the country.

In 2015, Rietumu Banka introduced an option for conducting direct cash transactions on the payment cards. In other words, correspondents of the bank can make international transactions on MasterCard and Visa cards issued by the banks of other countries.

The advantage of this transaction is that the operation does not require data on the account number of the recipient or other additional data: it is enough to know only the card number and the surname that is indicated on it. Sending money is automatically converted into the currency of the card to which it was send.

Rietumu is also involved in patronage. Under his patronage are various conferences, festivals (Rietumu jazz).

Internet banking

The bank continuously introduces the latest technologies in its work to provide convenient remote service combined with a high level of protection. Through the Internet banking iRietumu correspondents can manage their money from anywhere in the world where the Internet works. And you can do this not only through a computer, but also with the help of specially developed programs for smartphones.

All clients of the bank can carry out various operations related to their accounts through I Rietumu LV, including:

• Monitoring the status of account, credit cards.
• Order new credit cards.
• Making deposits, monitoring their status.
• Making payments and purchases via the Internet.
• Converting the currency at any time.
• Transferring the money between cards at any convenient time.
• Conducting correspondence with the bank via chat about any issues related to the work of the bank.
• Receiving the statements.
• Canceling payment orders if the funds are not yet paid and are waiting for the queue.
• Gold bars Purchasing.

The client can not be afraid for the safety of his funds: Rietumu Internet Bank has reliable protection. It is possible to set a limit paying through the Internet, which can be changed depending on the planned amounts of payments.

One of the methods when working with an online security bank is a digital certificate (special file), which acts as a passport and is an analogue of the user's seal and signature. Its presence ensures the safety of the transmitted data, the inability to intrude into the system of unauthorized persons.

Access to Internet banking is possible through both mobile applications and Rietumu Banka official website (https://www.rietumu.ru), where you can find various forms and recommendations designed to work with the bank via the Internet. Here you can also get acquainted with bank products in detail, using a special calculator to calculate the income from a particular deposit or how much the credit will cost.

How to become a bank client

The settlement account in Rietumu can be opened both by individuals and enterprises. To avoid paper work, the bank provides an opportunity to do this via the World Wide Web.

To facilitate transactions, experts recommend opening a multi-currency account, through which you can store your finance exactly in the currency in which it was credited, and there is no need to make an account for each type of currency.

As for the credit cards, for each currency you need to open your card, and then add it to your checking account. Such a card can be used goods paying, regular payments, cashing money anywhere in the world. If necessary, you can set the function of automatic cash deposit from the current account.

Also you can open an investment account for working with securities in the bank. Thanks this, Rietumu correspondents can work on Forex, conduct brokerage operations, manage assets, etc.

Before opening an account, it is necessary to take into account that Rietumu Banka is studying the information on the cash legality in detail. Therefore, in addition to the basic documents, the employee can demand papers confirming the source from which the money was received and other necessary information. At the same time, Rietumu Bank guarantees complete confidentiality of information, the identity of the client, deposits, transactions.

Guarantee of deposits

Customers of Rietumu Banka can not be afraid for the safety of their deposits. They are protected by the law, and therefore in the event of bankruptcy of a financial institution, the money will be paid after a short time. Payments are made in the amounts and terms specified by the law "About the guarantee of deposits" from the funds of the special fund.