АО Norvik Banka

АО Norvik Banka

AO Norvik Banka serves more than 150 thousand people, and its assets in the first half of 2015 exceeded 1 billion euros. According to this indicator, the institution is on the eighth place in the country. The bank's branches are located in 16 Latvian cities, which makes it possible to use its services to residents of these places, and advanced Internet banking provides the opportunity to manage accounts anywhere in the world. Thanks to this, Norvik Banka has collected positive feedback.

Norvik Banka Latvija

Norvik Bank is a private bank, which was founded in 1992, and has been successfully operating since then. Since 2013, the most of the shares are owned by Grigory Guselnikov, who is an active supporter of the introduction of new technologies in financial management. The following year, after the founding of Norvik Bank, he bought almost all shares of Vyatka Bank of Russia, whose ultimate owner was also Guselnikov (it was controlled by him through a company registered in Cyprus).

Currently, Norvin Bank operates in Russia through its subsidiaries, where Guselnikov was born, and in the UK, of which country he is a citizen. There is a branch of Norvik Banka in Moscow.

Bank services

Norvik Banka offers clients a huge number of financial services as to individuals and large international corporations. Among them:

• Checking account.
• Debit cards with the possibility to issue a loan.
• Fast, high-quality, safe conduct of payment transactions within the bank, in the euro area and other countries.
• Money transfers.
• Plastic cards MasterCard (dol, euro, rubles and English pounds).
• Possibility to apply for a residence permit in Latvia.
• Deposits in various currencies from one day to five years.
• VIP service for customers who have more than 100 thousand euros on their account or turnover exceeds 150 thousand euros.
• Internet banking.
• Insurance.
• Currency exchange.
• Complex servicing of operations related with securities.
• Electronic access to stock markets.

Various benefits are offered to cardholders. This can be a 10% discount to the dentist, in the SPA centers, beauty salons, various stores. Also there is an opportunity to take advantage of profitable offers for studying foreign languages, play at a reduced price in paintball, rent a bicycle, a motorcycle, etc.

As Norvik Banka Riga constantly works with international transfers, special attention is paid to currency exchange. Usually, money changes at a fixed rate, but for transactions exceeding EUR 3,000, there is the option to agree more advantageous currency rate in Norvik Banka LV. This can be done in telephone mode or through the Norvik Chat remote communication system. Such exchange is carried out only during working hours.

It is also worth noting that the bank actively participates in the sports, cultural and public life of Latvia, financing various competitions, events, educational projects.

Remote Services

The bank has developed convenient Internet banking for client. With its help, you can pay for purchases in the Internet, utilities, money transfers. For frequently used payments, there is no need to enter additional details. If necessary, you can find the payment carried out by the surname of the recipient or the amount of the transaction, get an extract. It is also possible to open a deposit via Internet banking, apply for a particular service, and correspond with the bank via chat about the issues that have arisen.

The client can not be afraid for the safety of his funds: a multi-level security system is used, it is extremely difficult to bypass, and therefore it is not easy to enter into the personal cabinet at Norvik Bank.

During the payment, a free SMS confirmation code and other means of customer identification are used. To attackers at a distance did not use the account, it is established a limit on the funds transferring.

Another possibility to operate with account is a mobile bank through a special application on smartphone. Also with its help, you can determine the nearest branch or ATM from Norvik Banka LV, or with the bank with which he has concluded a contract for withdrawing money. Norvik Banka Latvia has many ATMs throughout the country.

Through the mobile bank, the client has the opportunity to find out more about the interest rates for a particular deposit, the exchange rate, and calculate the final profit from the deposit using a special calculator.

Another advantage is that if you want to make a certain purchase through a mobile Internet bank, the customer has the opportunity to find a store where he will be given a discount paying by the Norvik Bank card.

How to open an account

In JSC Norvik Banka, you can open an account both in a specific currency and multicurrency accounts, which allow you to pay in different monetary units. To this, you need to contact the bank manager and after agreeing with him various points, prepare the necessary documents. When opening an account for a private person, you must to provide:

• Identity card (passport).
•Signature example.
• Application form.
• A signed agreement with the bank.
• Declaration of the tax residence.

To open a corporate account you need the company's charter, certificate of its registration, information about the company’s director, its passport. If the company was registered more than a year ago, a certificate of Good Standing is required. This list is incomplete, because if necessary, the bank may require additional documents from the client.

Often when working with bank transfers and other financial transactions, there is a need to fill in the details of the bank. Contact information, legal address of AO Norvik Banka R Riga SWIFT and other data can be found at

Guarantee of deposits

The client of Norvik Bank can not be afraid for the safety of his money. According to the law "About the Guarantee of Deposits", the account holder has a guaranteed right to recover the amount up to 100 thousand euros. If the depositor had several deposits, its summed up, and the amount of the refunded in any case will not exceed the established limit.

In case of inaccessibility of deposits, payment is made for 21 working days. The payment is made in euros.


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+38 (044) 339-56-11

Museum lane., 4, 01001,
Business center "Europe"


+44 (203) 769-29-01

Randla tn 13-201, 10315

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