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Migom Bank

Migom Bank offers a full range of e-banking services for small businesses and entrepreneurs who want to receive daily banking services according to the highest international standards - regardless of where they reside.

Migom Bank: a global bank for developing markets

About the Bank

Digital banking is the future of modern business. Speaking about traditional banks, recently entrepreneurs have had to deal with long (and often barren) processes of account opening, requests for dozens of additional documents, and blocked accounts for no apparent reason. There must be a reasonable grain in everything. Thus, when an applicant applies to a bank, the compliance procedure should be simple as a function of the interaction between the bank and the client. It does not become an obstacle to doing business.

Below are just some of the advantages of Migom Bank, which are suitable for a businessperson who appreciates his/her time and pays attention to details.


  • Opening a bank account in a few days. No matter which part of the world you are running your business from - Europe, Latin America, Africa or the Middle East - Migom ensures that the account opening process will take only a few business days;
  • A business-oriented solution. Compliance procedures are designed to facilitate international transactions, not to limit them. The European licensed compliance department ensures uninterrupted operation in accordance with all EU regulations;
  • A mobile application and a personal bank account. The user-friendly application makes it easy to manage multiple bank cards, payments for goods and services using a QR code or NFC chip;
  • OTC-trading. The bank offers the possibility of OTC crypto-trading. It is about making deals on buying and selling cryptocurrencies bypassing exchanges for large amounts;
  • Private banking, asset management, and prepaid cards - services are provided through Migom Verwaltung AG, Switzerland.

Integration with Migom for simple investments and payments in cryptocurrency.

Migom offers exclusive banking services for both OTC and crypto-OTC transactions, as well as deposits and withdrawals at the best market rates.

Designed for cryptographic transactions, the Migom card can be used for cryptocurrency payments everywhere. By ordering the card for your Migom Bank account, you can link the cryptocurrency assets with the specified currencies in a single digital environment, allowing for instant smooth transactions between accounts.

Below is a list of Migom Bank's licenses, which allow the bank to operate internationally and provide various financial services to entrepreneurs from any part of the world.

  • Migom Bank Ltd. - is an international bank regulated by the Ministry of Finance of Dominica. License No. 08082019;
  • E-wallet applications and other e-money services are provided by Migom Investments S.A., Luxembourg, EMD agent of London-based Transactive Systems Ltd. Registration of an EMD agent with the FCA, number. 902737.

How to open an account

For the bank account opening at Migom Bank, please consult with our IT-OFFSHORE specialists. We will help you to collect the papers, translate them into English, notarize, and deliver to the main office. If something provokes suspicion from the bank's employee, he or she can demand additional documents and even reject the application.


Deposit Protection

Personal investments are conducted at a very high level of safety, given that they are all protected by the Deposit Guarantee Law.

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