Polish MBank is one of the best in the country, and therefore to open an account is the right choice. The bank ranks 4th place in Poland in terms of assets, its online banking is actively used by more than 1.3 million people - and in this direction it is the leader on the Polish financial market. MBank Poland actively works with various groups of clients, its services are used by 5.5 million individuals, 21 thousand corporate companies, branches are open not only in Poland but also in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

MBank Poland

MBank appeared in 1986 as the Export Development Bank. In 1992, it was taken over by Commerzbank (Germany), Banca Commerciale Italiana (Italy), Erste Bank (Austria). In 1989, the bank was granted a loan from the IMF, and it was introduced the SWIFT settlement payments into the work. Since 1992, the bank is listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

A financial institution called mBank appeared after the merger of Export Development Bank and MultiBank in 2013. At the moment, it consists of various companies, each of which is assigned the provision of certain types of services. Among them:

• mLeasing - leasing company;
• mBank Hipoteczny is the largest mortgage bank in the country;
• mFaktoring - factoring enterprise;
• mCentrum Operacji - ensures uninterrupted work on processing of banking services;
• mCorporate Finance is a company that provides investment banking services;
• mLocum - real estate services;
• mFinanse (formerly Aspiro) is a financial intermediation company.

To attract as many customers as possible, the administration of MBank decided to pay special attention to working with private individuals. Therefore, now the bank offers retail services, investment solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises. Particular attention is paid to working with individuals, for which it was created a convenient Internet-banking, the same-name mobile operator.

Payment cards and deposits

MBank Warszawa offers customers to place deposits at favorable interest rates, open a personal account, provides a wide range of payment cards from MasterCard and VISA. Money on cards and deposit accounts can be stored in zlotys, euros, dollars, British pounds.

Also, the user gets access to credit money and various benefits, depending on the type of payment card. This can be discounts in stores, free insurance in case of steal the money from the account, refund of a part of the money for a ticket, etc. Investors can not worry about their investments: its protected by the Deposit Guarantee Fund. This moment is regulated by a special law of 2016.


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Museum lane., 4, 01001,
Business center "Europe"


+44 (203) 769-29-01

Randla tn 13-201, 10315

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