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Lombard Bank

Lombard Bank is one of the largest banks in Malta, established in 1955, showing profit growth annually. In 2014, the net income of the institution was 4.35 million euros. Lombard Bank is registered on the Stock Exchange of Malta, where it is actively engaged in financial activities, the bank is official dealer of currency.

Lombard Bank provides various financial services. Among them:

• Account in Euro.
• MasterCard, American Express credit cards.
• Lombard CashPoint debit card.
• Deposits.
• Overdraft.
• Various types of loans, including supporting business.
• Internal and international transactions.
• Paying for goods and services.
• Cashboxes.

Internet banking makes it much easier for a customer to use money. With its help you can make various financial transactions without visiting the bank branch. The user can not be afraid for money: there is a reliable protection that does not allow hackers to crack the account.

Our company will help you to prepare a package of documents and open an account in Lombard Bank in the shortest time. To become a client of the bank, a personal visit to the bank branch is not required.