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Heritage Bank

Heritage Bank is one of the most important financial institutions in Belize, actively operating on the international market. The bank has a class "A" license, which allows to provide banking services not only to Belize citizens, but also to non-residents.

Heritage Bank offers its clients various banking services, opening wide opportunities. Among them:

• operating, savings accounts;
• deposits;
• loans, incl. mortgages;
• debit and credit cards;
• online banking, which allows to manage money regardless of location;
• fast money transferring;
• no limits on withdrawal and deposit;
• work with offshore companies;
• accounts are not subject to tax control.

Personal visit to Heritage Bank is not necessary for bank account opening. Documents must be notarized. We will help you to collect and correctly fill the documents: if the data do not match, the bank can refuse to open an account. After signing all necessary papers, we send it to the central branch of the bank. Heritage Bank will take a decision within two/three weeks after receipt of all necessary documents in the office.