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Hang Seng

Hang Seng Bank Limited is considered as one of the largest financial institution in Hong Kong. Bank employs more than 10 thousand people. Only in Hong Kong there are 260 service points, as well as branches are located on the mainland of China, Macao, Taiwan, Singapore. The main activity of Hang Seng Bank Limited is retail, capital management, treasury services, private banking.

About the Bank

The company, which later became the leading bank in the region, appeared in the 1930s. last century as a currency exchange office. Pretty soon it expanded its activities, and twenty years later it was a full-fledged bank. In the mid-60's. there was hard times for bank, and its shares were bought by HSBC, one of the largest financial conglomerates in the world, whose main office is in London.

In 1969, on the initiative of the bank it was appeared Hang Seng index, which is the main index of the stock exchange of Hong Kong. Now, indicators of Hang Seng index are considered as the main indicator of the local stock market. Hang Seng index forecast is one of the bank's affiliated companies.

In 1972, Hang Seng Bank began to work on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, then open offices and subsidiaries in the mainland of China. In 1980, the bank established a business school. In 1981, Hang Seng Bank was authorized to open offices at metro stations, which allowed significantly expand own activities.

At the moment, the bank is active not only in Asia, but also in Europe, North Africa, both continents of America, Middle East. Its offices are present in 72 countries, and the number of branches has exceeded 6 thousand.

Bank services

Hang Seng Bank provides services in all areas of banking. Among them:

• Operating, savings accounts in 12 currencies of the world;
• accounts of paper gold;
• deposits;
• internal and international transfers;
• debit and credit cards;
• lending, including business financing;
• import trade services;
• investments;
• settlement operations;
• property management services;
• project financing;
• currency and precious metals trading services;
• working with shares and bonds;
• issuing of banknotes;
• life, travel, housing, car insurance, etc.

The client can managing financial transactions at any time of the day through Internet banking, mobile phone, regardless of location. The system allows monitor the status of accounts, make money transfers, pay for purchases, order various services, receive an extract. Internet banking has reliable protection, so you can not be afraid of intrusion.

How to open an account

To open an account in Hang Seng, it is necessary the personal presence of the owner. If the papers are not filling in properly way, employee of Hang Seng Bank Limited may refuse in bank account opening. Specialists of our company will help you to collect, complete all necessary documents, accompany during the trip, provide professional translator services during bank visiting.