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Fio banka

Czech Fio Banka provides classic banking services without any fees. Сlients have the opportunity to operate with securities on exchanges of different countries. The account can be kept in fifteen currencies of the world, which opens up wide opportunities.

About the Bank

Although Fio Banka was issued a banking license in 2010, its history began 20 years earlier when a company for securities trading was appeared. The case turned out to be successful: a couple of years later the company became one of the largest in the country. As a result, the scope of provided financial services were expand, which led to the Credit Union foundation.

In 2010, the institution was given permission to conduct banking activities, and five years later the bank's branches were distributed throughout the Czech Republic, there were representative offices in Slovakia, and more than 500,000 clients became Fio Banka's clients. At present, the company is considered as one of the most actively developing bank in the country.

Fio Banka Services

Fio Banka A.S. offers customers different banking products. Among them:

• Corporate, personal, savings accounts.
• Loans and deposits.
• Payment cards.
• Credit cards in Czech korunas and euros.
• Loans and mortgages, including - business financing.
• Ability to pay for various goods and services.
• Investments in securities in the markets of different countries via electronic trading platform and applications for phones.
• Access to futures exchanges.
• Personal broker.
• Management of shares.
• Remote access services: Fio banka internet, Internet banking, mobile banking.
• e-Broker - an application for trading on stock exchanges of different countries.
• Insurance.

The advantage of Fio Banka is that the procedure for issuing an account is not particularly complicated for non-resident companies. Nevertheless, the basic information about the company needs to be provided to the bank. Also there is no limit for the minimum amount on the accounts, the bank does not take commission for account activating.

Remote access services

To provide the client with the opportunity to manage their accounts, the institution provides remote access services to customers: Fio banka CZ internet banking, mobile banking. The usage of these services allows customers to effectively manage money without leaving home or staying away from the bank branch. Fio Internet banking uses a special encryption method to ensure maximum security of financial transactions.

Fio banka CZ was the first in the Czech Republic offered the customers to manage accounts through smartphone applications - Smartbanking. This significantly improved the quality of the service, because the user had the opportunity at any time to learn about the state of their finances, to conduct active operations for free, regardless of time of day, the presence of a computer.

Thanks to Fio banka internet banking and Smartbanking, the user can:

• track balances on accounts;
• view the transaction history;
• create payment orders;
• pay for goods and services, international transfers;
• receive news from the bank;
• change the settings;
• order credit cards, open a deposit;
• with the help of Fio banka internetove bankovnictvi you can easily find the nearest branch and ATM;
• account statement in PDF format;
• using the current account calculator for the account;
• performing other banking operations.

Fio banka instruction about remote communication channels using is on the bank's website or in one of its branches.

How to open an account

The specialists of our company will help you to collect, correctly fill out and send to the main office of the bank all necessary documents for opening a corporate account in Fio Banka.

To do this, you need the following data:

• Documents for the company (apostille) - you can submit scans to submit your application, than you should bring originals to the bank.
• A certified copy of the person's passport that will manage the account, as well as a document confirming the address.
• If the age of the company at the time of account opening exceeds six months, you must provide a Certificate of Good Standing and Certificate Incumbency with specified birth dates of all individuals involved in the structure of the enterprise.

To open a corporate account in Fio banka Praga, you need to go through several stages. First is application. Then the collected papers are translated into Czech. The next stage is the filing of full set of documents for the enterprise and beneficiary. After the institution agrees to open an account, a personal visit to the bank is necessary.