Emirates NBD

Emirates NBD

Emirates NBD is one of the largest banks in the Middle East in terms of assets. On June 30, 2017, bank’s amount was $ 124 billion. The Bank operates in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, China, India, Indonesia. There are also branches of Emirates NBD Egypt. Therefore, the presence of account in this bank opens a lot of prospects for companies operating in the East.

About the bank

Emirates NBD bank get to the market in 2007, after the official registration of shares in the financial market of Dubai (DFM). Thus, the merger of the National Bank of Dubai and the Emirate Financial Group became a regional plan for consolidating the banking sector, as it led to the merger of the second and fourth largest financial institutions operating in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Currently, Emirates NBD is the leader of the banking market in the country. The bank owns over 221 branches, thousands of ATMs that are located in the UAE and abroad. There are more than 9 thousand employs of seventy nationalities, which makes it one of the largest employers of the country. Emirates NBD - is the only bank in the Middle East, which is among the top ten in the rating of "Power 100 Social Media Rankings", compiled by The Financial Brand.

Emirates NBD bank PJSC is also a major player in the field of working with corporate clients. Emirates NBD has the opportunity to grow and provide good opportunities to investors, customers, employees thanks to fast-growing Islamic banking institutions, serious investments, private banking services, as well as leadership in asset management, brokerage services.

Emirates NBD PJSC is also active in the social sphere. The bank participates in various programs aimed at financial literacy, paying special attention to people with disabilities. The work of the bank is also aimed at the development of culture in the country. So, in 2003 there was the world's first museum of pearls on bank’s initiative. It was a gift to the people of the UAE of the Sultan Al-Owais, the founder of the National Bank of Dubai.

Emirates NBD Services

Emirates NBD offers a full range of traditional banking services, from cash management and card products to remote account management via Internet banking and mobile banking. Among them:

• Multicurrency personal and corporate accounts.
• Deposit accounts.
• Gold investment account.
• Credit, debit cards.
• Ability to make purchases in the Internet, pay for various services.
• Internal and international transactions.
• Commercial cards allowing effectively manage business expenses and receive bonuses, benefits.
• Various types of loans, investments.
• Brokerage services.
• Life, car insurance, travel, savings, investments.
• Asset Management.
• Financial trading.

It was developed the services of remote access to ensure that the client can successfully manage own money. Emirates NBD online (Internet banking), smartphone, and mobile phone through voice communication are available for customers. This feature allows to find out about the status of accounts, make transactions, purchase, receive reports, open deposits, order / close loans, monthly statements on the account, make other transactions. Emirates NBD online banking is reliably protected from burglary, therefore the user can not be afraid of intrusion of the attacker.

To reduce this risk to minimum, you must pay attention to the security of your computer, install high-quality antivirus software. It should be remembered that you can not provide password data, access codes to unauthorized persons.

How to open an account

Personal visit to the bank is necessary to open an account in Emirates NBD. Since there is no branch of Emirates NBD in Moscow, it is necessary to go to the UAE.
Therefore, correct registration and full set of required documents will eliminate the need to visit the country several times. Specialists of our company will help you to prepare all papers, fill it correctly, organize a trip. Also, our staff will instruct you on how to answer questions, what you should definitely say, and what to keep in secret.

If you do not speak English, we will provide a qualified interpreter who is fluent in the topic of the conversation and will help in difficult situations. The bank will take about three weeks to examine the papers from the day it’s entering to the central office.


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