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Czech Savings Bank, Česká spořitelna is the largest financial institution in the country.

The number of its clients exceeds 5 million people, working over 10 thousand employees, and the number of branches is more than five hundred.

Sberbank of the Czech Republic in 2015 hold the 150th anniversary of its founding. This event happened in 1823, after which the institution began rapidly increase its capital. After the collapse of the Soviet bloc in 1989, the State Savings Bank was transformed into a corporation called Česká spořitelna, where 40% of the shares belonged to the state, 20% to cities and towns.

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Bank offers

Česká spořitelna CZ has succeeded a lot and has received the title of "The Best Bank of the Year". Currently, it provides various banking services through a network of branches, ATMs and payment terminals. Serves the bank Česká spořitelna as private individuals, as well as small, medium and large enterprises.

The Czech Savings Bank offers its customers various financial services.

Bank services

  • Corporate, personal, current and savings accounts, including in foreign currency.
  • Debit and credit cards.
  • Cards insurance.
  • Domestic and international payments.
  • Various types of loans, including consumer loans and for business.
  • Mortgages.

The bank is loyal to non-residents, not requiring confirmation of each payment by the contract. It is attractive and service prices, if compared with other banks in Europe.

Do not forget Česká spořitelna bank about charitable activities. Only to education supporting, it allots 10 million krone per year. The bank also helps the needy by supporting them through Nadace České spořitelny: since 2002 it has allotted 240 million krone to the fund.

Remote access services

You can manage your accounts not only by visiting the branch of the bank, but also at a distance. Remote access services are available through:

  • Internet banking are available at the link Česká spořitelna - You can make payments and track the status of your accounts around the clock, anywhere in the world. Servis 24 internetbanking Česká spořitelna allows you to save a lot of money and time spent on the transfer processing in cash register.
  • SERVIS 24 Telebanking - it is possible to manage finances by calling the service department.
  • SERVIS 24 Mobile Bank for iPhone, Android or Windows users.

Česká spořitelna the official site allows the client to get acquainted with provided services. Although there is no information on the website of Česká spořitelna in Russian, it can be easily translated via online translator. Here you can pick up the most profitable deposit, deposit period, download documents necessary for registration of the account and other transactions. Also, the site Ceska sporitelna online tells the user in detail how to work remotely with money.

Servis 24 Česká spořitelna přihlášení

SERVICE 24 Internetbanking enables customers to easily and quickly manage their finances without having to visit a branch of the bank.

Česká spořitelna 24 provides the following services:

  • banking operations, such as making payments, tracking the movement of money on accounts and other actions for the past two years;
  • registration of a loan, overdraft, credit card or insurance;
  • change the limits for card payments in the Internet, as well as withdraw cash from ATMs;
  • activate, unlock, order a card;
  • receive and pay bills, insurance products and bills electronically through electronic accounts.

For user convenience there is detailed information about Servis 24 CZ Česká spořitelna on the site page. Particular attention is paid to safety. To enter Česká spořitelna 24 prihlaseni, one need enter login and password, followed by the code received by the phone. If the data in Servis 24 Česká spořitelna were entered incorrectly several times, the user is blocked. To restore access to Internet banking, follow the instructions on the website. For a higher level of security, you can order a client certificate (special chip), for which you need to sign a separate contract.

If Česká spořitelna servis 24 přihlášení is not used for more than ten minutes, the application closes automatically for security reasons. Two minutes before this, a corresponding message appears, and if you wish, you can cancel this step.

After payment in Servis 24 internet banking ceska sporitelna, the transaction data is sent to the client’s e-mail, which he indicated upon registration. In the case of changing e-mail, it is possible to change these data.

How to open bank account

You can open an account in Česká spořitelna within one-two weeks. IT-OFFSHORE will help you to do this quickly, with a minimum spent of time without visiting the Czech Republic.

Opening an account in Česká spořitelna A.S. provides for two phases: preliminary and basic. First, you need to collect documents and sign all the standard banking forms. How long this stage will take depends on how soon the client will fill in all necessary papers. It is necessary to do everything very carefully, truthfully answering to all questions and not ignoring them: the bank's employees are very attentive to this. However, the bank may require additional documents if necessary. The main stage is the filing of documents and their consideration by the bank. This takes about week, after which the bank decides to open an account.


Deposit Protection

For his investments, the client of Pekao S.A can not be afraid: they are protected by the Deposit Guarantee Law.

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