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Bilderlings - Bilderlings - a fintech platform holds a British license (FCA) and a PCI DSS certificate and offers all types of innovative banking services. We accept and process online payments, open current accounts for businesses and individuals, provide payments to cards. Bilderlings solutions are a great alternative to traditional banks; these are more advanced, efficient and easy to use financial instruments. Bilderlings works with the major VISA and MasterCard payment systems, is a member of SEPA and SWIFT.

Current account with Bilderlings

Bilderlings Current Account - a synergy of new technologies and services on the level of private banking.
• Opening of a current account takes 2 days after submission of all necessary documents.
• Individual IBAN numbers for SEPA payments and payments in British Pound (GBP).
• Payments in 34 currencies (SWIFT payments).
• Receiving of payments in RUB, USD (very soon).
• Conversion according to interbank exchange rates.
• Everything is online: even opening of an account doesn’t require you to be present at the office.
• For companies and individuals.
• Personal manager.
• Services available in English and Russian.

Required documents

The necessary documents, Bilderlings requires from the company, depend on the type of business, its structure and jurisdiction. As a general rule, there are 7 basic documents that the company must provide to open a current account.
1 - Identity verification of the company’s representative.

2 - Identity documents of company representatives, board members, and beneficiaries.

3 – Confirmation of the place of residence of representatives and beneficiaries.

4 - Source of wealth of the company’s beneficiary.

5 - Proof of origin of funds owned by the company’s beneficiary.

6 - Confirmation of the business operations of the company.

7 - And finally, these are documents confirming cooperation with major partners.