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Bank Alpinum AG

Offshore Bank Alpinum AG is independent private bank based in Vaduz, the main city of Liechtenstein. It was founded in 2000 as NewCenturyBank AG, six years later it was renamed to Bank Alpinum AG. Today, the financial institution is on the twelfth place in the country in terms of assets.

The activities of Alpinum AG are mainly aimed at providing private banking products. Among them:

• High confidentiality.
• International payment transactions.
• Cash management.
• Internet banking.
• Loans.
• Bank guarantees.
• Letter of credit.
• Portfolio management.
• Professional advice about investment.
• Structuring of assets.
• Financial planning.

Investors can not be afraid of their contributions: they are all protected by the state, and there is guaranteed return in case of bankruptcy (up to 100 thousand Swiss francs). Please contact us for bank account opening in Bank Alpinum AG. We will collect and prepare all necessary documents, send to the main office, make sure that the papers will be examined as soon as possible.