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Baltikums Bank

Latvian Baltikums Bank AS is one of the most dynamically developing independent financial institutions in Europe. It was founded in 2001, and its clients are not only citizens of Latvia, but also people of many countries of the world. Over the years, Baltikums Bank has established itself as a reliable financial institution, therefore it is beneficial to open an account in this institution not only for private individuals, but also for large companies, including offshore companies.

Baltikums Bank Latvia

The owner of Baltikums Bank is the financial group BBG AS. In terms of assets, the financial institution is one of the top-ten best Latvian banks. Since January 2017, it has been rendering its services as BlueOrange, while the name Baltikums Bank AS was saved as a legal name.

The new financial institution has moved to a new brand to strengthen its position in the Latvian market and offer its clients a new range of services based on the introduction of modern technologies. For example, there are more interesting proposals in the field of mortgages, possibility of using financial services anywhere in the world, etc. Changeover did not create any difficulties for the clients of the financial institution, since neither the requisites nor the management have changed. The previous directions of the bank's activity have also been saved.

Bank services

Baltikums Bank operates in different directions, providing the following types of services to clients:

• Depodits.
• Payment cards from MasterCard, Visa, Maestro.
• Lending.
• Currency operations.
• Investments.
• Brokerage services.
• Secure transactions in the Internet.
• Banking services for business, incl. loans.
• Insurance.
• Electronic trading platforms.
• Factoring.

The Bank is involved in charity, supporting the least protected groups and children with special needs. Among the projects - arranging children's hospitals, supporting children's sports, helping visually impaired blind children, and also those who can not walk, need special nutrition.

Advantages of cardholders

A bank account in BlueOrange Bank Baltikums can be opened by both residents and non-residents of the country, including offshore companies. The plus is that the bank's branches are present in many countries of the world, including Bank Baltikums AS in Moscow. Clients of the institution get the opportunity:

• store money in euros and other types of foreign currency;
• make money transfers within the bank, Latvia, make international payments;
• put and withdraw cash on the account (depending on the terms of the contract);
• make payment through SWIFT, SEPA, Target;
• transfer money into the desired currency;
• access to Internet banking;
• 5% refund of the amount of purchases at gas stations;
• bonuses in the form of 5% on the balance of the bank account.

For the owners of payment cards, the bank provides various promotions, discounts, bonuses. The closer the cooperation with the institution, the more benefits has the holder of such card. A bank customer can not be afraid for their savings: the Deposit Guarantee Law protects the invested money and the amount up to 100 thousand euro will be returned to the depositor in the case of bankruptcy.