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 Ready-made solutions» Banks


The process of creating a bank is often complicated and time consuming. Existing legislation includes many rules that are required to comply with mandatory. Initially, it is required to resolve the issue of finances, to determine the size of the share capital, which should not be less than 5 million euros.

About 2-3 months can be spent on the collection and study of the necessary documents; in this connection, many businessmen think about the need to develop business in this direction. Some of them are trying to find an easier way to create a banking business. This method is, it is offered by IT-OFFSHORE.

Our company offers to buy a ready bank, which was put up for sale by the previous owners. This proposal is relevant, since the creation of new banks is a costly process, the market in this industry is crowded with competitors.

Acquisition of a ready-made bank allows you to save time, as well as quickly carry out all re-registration operations. On average, the procedure takes about one day. As a result, the client becomes the head of the bank, which already has a client base, as well as fame in the market, ready staff. All operations our company conducts in accordance with existing legislation.