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Good offer Vanuatu PRO

The small state of Vanuatu, located in Oceania, cannot be called as Mecca for travelers who are attracted by landmarks and developed tourist infrastructure.

Meanwhile, foreigners in this country can be met quite often, with the bulk of them are businessmen. This situation is explained quite simply: today Vanuatu is one of the most attractive offshore jurisdictions, which attracts businessmen who are trying to open a foreign company in this state.

The government of the state of Vanuatu, which is often called "untouched paradise", tried to create the most favorable conditions for foreign entrepreneurs. In this country, a foreign citizen can open a company by choosing one of nine different forms of ownership, eight of which are designed specifically for foreign activities. But, the most important in this connection is that a foreign entrepreneur, operating in the territory of a given country, will not have to pay a whole series of taxes.

What are the features of registration of an offshore company in Vanuatu

Both in terms of registration of an offshore company in Vanuatu, and in terms of the activities of such organizations, there are a number of features, the most significant of which are as follows:

- There is no such thing as an "authorized capital" for organizations registered in a given state.
- Elements that limit the liability of firms, can act as shares of the organization, and guarantees.
- There is no need for a local office to register and conduct business in a given country, only the presence of a registration agent is required.
- Any foreign word can be used as the name of the organization, the main thing is that during the registration an officially certified translation into English is provided.
- The decision on registration is usually taken by the registration authority within 24 hours, which saves time.
- A tax resident does not necessarily have to be present in the management of the registered organization.
- Any organization registered in Vanuatu must hold a meeting of its shareholders at least once a year. What is convenient, such a meeting can also be held remotely.
- International companies registered in the territory of a given country can open accounts in local banks, but they are not allowed to purchase land or real estate, as well as carry out trade operations with local tax residents.

Tax policy applied to international companies registered in Vanuatu

In addition to the fact that international organizations registered in Vanuatu are granted privileges for payment of various payments for 20 years from the moment of their foundation, they are completely exempt from the following taxes:

- Income;
- corporate;
- the tax charged on the withdrawal of capital;
- Inheritance tax;
- tax on income received from exchange transactions;
- circulating tax.

The only significant tax that firms registered in Vanuatu must pay without fail is a fee that is US dollars. Organizations that shy away from paying this mandatory duty may not only be fined, but even excluded from the register.

Deciding to use the services of our company, you can not only register a new company in Vanuatu as quickly and inexpensively as possible, but also acquire a ready-made company operating in the territory of this state.


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