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Federal State United Arab Emirates (UAE) consists of seven emirates, which are independent states: Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Umm al-Quwain, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras al-Khaimah, Fujairah. The growing interest to the offshore zone UAE is due to favorable conditions for investment, non-burdensome registration procedures and ease of doing business. In addition, the country, being one of the major business and financial centers of the Middle East, combines the advantages of respectable jurisdiction and classic offshore Emirates.

There are the following the main reasons in favor of the offshore in the UAE:

- Favorable conditions for investment, due to the stability of the currency, absence of restrictions on the payment of profit.

- United Arab Emirates do not participate in the exchange of tax information, and at the same time do not appear in the black list of FATF and do not qualify as a tax haven.

- Wide opportunities for registration of non-resident (offshore) and residential (local or onshore, registered in the free economic zones (FEZ)) companies.

- Favorable tax climate - no taxation for offshore Emirates and onshore company in FEZ. There are no corporate taxes for local companies, except the oil, banking, entertainment and other fields.

- Ability to use English language for business communication.

- Development banking network and possibility of opening corporate accounts for all types of companies registered in the UAE.

- Offshore in the UAE provides the right to obtain resident visa for owners, directors, members of their families and employees.

- Ability of collaborating with world leading companies (large number of representations and regional offices).

An important fact to optimize taxation are signed with many countries agreements on avoidance of double taxation. It should be also noted the high standards of quality of life and low crime rate. The development of tourist business provides additional opportunities to attract potential customers and for own rest.

One can open offshore in the UAE in the form:

- Local Company (LLC);

- Offshore Company (Limited, Ltd);

- Onshore companies in the FEZ (FCZ, FCE).

For company in the UAE one cannot use the consonant names with existing company, or pointing to the licensed activities (without proper approval). As the end of the name, one can use words Limited or Ltd.

Regardless of the types of business, one can open Offshore in UAE without any time-consuming; registration procedure is also no burdensome. 100% ownership of foreign capital is allowed for offshore and onshore companies, there is a possibility to open multi-currency accounts in local and foreign banks. There are no requirements to the size of the share capital, for company establishment it is enough one director and one shareholder. As for local company, 51% of the shares must be owned by a resident of the United Arab Emirates, and the amount of share capital must be at least $ 40 000. Offshore company is tax free and cannot conduct the business in the UAE, in contrast to onshore and local companies. Onshore company may conduct business across the territory of all FEZ, and local company gets full access to the internal market and may open branches and representative offices.

Special mention should be made to the company registration in FEZ, that are attractive for opportunities to do business in the UAE, having zero rate of taxation and ability to be independent from foreign partner. Clear advantages include the lack of income and corporate tax, import and export duties, ability to obtain licenses for certain activities. It is expected registration of resident visas for employees, as well as for company executives and their families. There is a possibility of tenancy with the right to subsequent leasing or sailing.

Choosing FEZ, one should take into account its specificity for certain fields of activity, but in any case it is necessary to obtain a special license:

- Trade, for trading in FEZ or outside, but with payment of fees;

- Service, to provide advisory services;

- Industry, with the right to engage in the production of goods;

- National Industry - for companies registered on the territory of some neighboring countries, with necessary production capacity in the UAE of 40%.

It is necessary for company registered in FEZ to have in its staff Emirates citizens.


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