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Good offer Dubai Internet City (Free Zone)

The United Arab Emirates is one of the largest financial centers in the Middle East, combining the qualities of respectable jurisdiction with no offshore image and attractive area for the development of international business. In the UAE, there is the possibility to register as foreign offshore companies and onshore residential, operating in the free economic zones, and the residential local companies that may operate across the country.

Well-developed banking sector, wide range of services and products and low cost for the account service, opened in the UAE bank, create additional advantages for business success. In the country besides local banks, there are located offices of the largest international banking institutions. Foreign and resident companies can open accounts here. Opening a corporate account in the UAE bank is also comfortable for payments with Middle Eastern partners in their national currency, which eliminates the necessity of currency conversion.

Account opening in the UAE bank can take from several days to several weeks, depending on the internal policy of the bank. This is largely depends on the status of potential customer – private person or company. Resident can open both current and savings account in the UAE, while foreign citizen can open only savings account. Sometimes Emirates banks refuse to open an account in the United Arab Emirates to the client without a residence permit.

The main differences between these two types of accounts are in the list of account transactions. Open the savings account in the Emirates - means the possibility of money storage for a long-term, it is possible to obtain a small percent. At the same time, there are limits on the number of transactions, cash withdrawals of large sums, which can be accompanied by a written statement. In addition, the account holder has not checkbook and can not enter into loan, deposit and mortgage contracts.

Open a current account in the Emirates - means access to the full range of banking services without restrictions or additional fees. Opening of such accounts is justified for those who is in the country for a long time and makes regular expenses, such as payment of utility and other bills.

Open an account in the UAE for company registered in the country, will not be difficult with necessary documents on the company and personal documents of the company owners. In most cases, employees of banking institutions insist on the personal presence of the account holder during the procedure of opening. As local and onshore companies have a large credit of trust, the time of account opening will be less than in the case of the offshore company. Not all banking institutions open corporate account in the UAE bank for non-resident companies.

It is necessary the following in order to open a corporate account in the UAE banks:

- Constituent documents of the company;

- Passports of founders;

- Founders summary in English language, containing information about previous work experience and education;

- Certificate from the bank where the customer is served, confirming the amounts not less than $ 2,800 on the accounts for over the past three months, certified by a responsible officer of the bank;

- Document entitling the authorized person to open an account and decide issues related with his service.

In the process of documents review, the bank may require additional documents at its own discretion.


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