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Switzerland (Swiss Confederation) – is European country located in the heart of the continent. The country has a federal structure and consists from 26 cantons, each of which has its own constitution and legislation. The state is part of the Schengen Agreement and is a member of the UN, but is not EU member and any military alliances. 

Compliance the long tradition, impeccable business reputation and high professionalism are the undisputed advantages of this jurisdiction for doing business. Attractive tax system, which allows significantly reduce the tax burden is counts in favor of Switzerland.

Business registration provides an advantage to open an account in Switzerland. There is three-tier tax system, so federal, cantonal and municipal taxes are charged. The total tax rate is formed from the three tax rates, and in average is from 12% to 25% across the country.

Each canton has its own tax legislation and accordingly, individual tax rates, so much depends from the place of company registration. The most favorable tax situation is in cantons Zug or Fribourg. In the canton of Zug the tax rate is from 4% (if the company's profit does not exceed 100 000 CHF) to 7%. The tax on capital, which is not levied at the federal level, is paid at a rate of 0.5%. The federal corporate income tax is 8.5%. There are following the most popular types of business for company registration in Switzerland:

- Joint-stock company (AG)

- Limited liability company (GmbH).

In the case of joint-stock company minimum capital – is 100 000 CHF, half of which must be paid at the time of registration, for GmbH - minimum is CHF 20,000 and are paid in full. For company establishment it is necessary minimum one director – private person, who must be a resident of the country, and at least one shareholder. It is also necessary registered office in Switzerland; there is also a requirement for the bookkeeping, the annual delivery of financial statements, and under certain conditions - full audit realization. One can use nominee service, as information about directors is public.

Business Registration offers the privilege to open an account in one of the Swiss banks, which for two centuries has a reputation of country with the most reliable banking system. In addition to safety and a high level of confidentiality, it is also prestigious to be the owner of the account in one of the Swiss banks. Along with private, there are also public institutions in the country.

There are following advantages of opening the account in one of the Swiss banks:

- Guarantee of the safe funds keeping;

- Possibility to open accounts in the most significant world currencies: US dollars, euros, pounds sterling, swiss francs;

- Guarantee of compliance the banking secrecy, which is supported at the state level;

- Resident of any country can become the owner of the bank account;

- There are wide range of banking services, as well as information about new products;

- Non-existence requirements to the minimum deposit in many banking institutions;

- Possibility of remote working with the account via internet banking system;

- High professionalism of the bank staff.

The right to open corporate / personal bank accounts in Switzerland has any private or legal person, however, in some cases banks can deny to this service. This happens when a client`s reputation may negatively affect the image of the bank or there are doubts about the legality of the origin of funds. To open a bank account in Switzerland, it is necessary to pass the procedure of identification, that is, to submit identification of the account holder. In addition, information about the origin of the funds, nature of professional activity and forthcoming account transactions is necessary. Bank staff can ask your business plans, as well as views of the purchase of real estate, etc.

To comply with more privacy one can use numbered accounts, that is the account title will be replaced by a number or code that will narrow circle of people who can see information about the account holder.

Bank account in Switzerland - is a guarantee of reliability and high standards regarding the quality of service and protection of banking secrecy, which can be opened only by the court order.


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