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Switzerland – is a respectable jurisdiction, where are favorable conditions for business. The territory of the state, located in central Europe, is divided into 26 cantons, with population about 8 million. Switzerland, famous for the safe banking system, has an impeccable reputation. Low tax rates and flexible preference schemes creates attractive conditions for foreign companies registration. The state is a member of the UN and since 2004 is part of the Schengen Agreement.

Benefits of company registration in Switzerland:

- Developed banking system;

- Stable economic and political situation;

- Signed agreements on avoidance of double taxation;

- Low tax rates;

- Switzerland is not a member in the "black" lists of FATF and OECD;

- Respectable jurisdiction;

- Good reputation;

- No exchange controls.

Taxation in Switzerland

Switzerland is divided into cantons. The country is not a classic offshore jurisdiction. There is three-tier system of taxation. There are municipal, cantonal and federal taxes. Each canton has own tax legislation and own corporate tax rate. Companies registered in this country should pay taxes and submit financial statements.

The company pays reduced cantonal and municipal corporate taxes upon following condition:

- Does not conduct activities in the country;

- Does not have a resident office;

- Does not hire local workers.

The Swiss company pays the full rate of federal income tax - 8.5% and net wealth tax.

Net wealth tax in the canton of Zug – is 0.0075%, min. 150 francs.

VAT – is 8%.

Reduced VAT rate – is 2.5%.

Types of business

AG (Aktiengesellschaft) - Joint-stock company with limited liability.

GmbH (Gesellschaft mit beschrankter Haftung) - Private company with limited liability.

Kollektivgesellschaft - General partnership.

Kommanditgesellschaft - Kommandit partnership.

Joint stock company with limited liability is the most popular form. This type of business is more suitable for medium and large business. The minimum authorized capital of AG – is 100.000 Swiss francs, half of which (50,000) must be paid. One should invest the funds to bank deposit. Bank is assigned the control function of these funds until the issuance of the certificate of incorporation.

The company`s shares may be either nominative or bearer. One can still obtain anonymous bearer shares. The minimum nominal value of one share is 0,01 CHF. The Swiss company must maintain a register of nominative shares. Shares may be issued with different nominal value and with different voting rights.

Joint stock company with limited liability should submit an annual financial statement. All companies registered in Switzerland is under annual audit. Register of Directors is open, so it is recommended to use services of a nominee director to keep information about beneficial owner confidentiality.

Director of the AG in the canton of Zug:

- Minimum one director;

- Director of the AG should be private person;

- One of the director should have Swiss residency;

- Information about directors is entered in the Trade Register and is available to third parties;

- Nominal directors are allowed;

- Each director must have at least one share of the company;

- Ability to hold directors meetings anywhere in the world;

- Directors meetings may be conducted over the phone, through the mail.

Shareholders of AG in the canton of Zug:

- Minimum number of shareholders – is 1;

- Nominee shareholders are allowed;

- Shareholders of the company can be both legal and private persons.

- There are no residency requirements for the AG shareholders;

- There are no information about shareholders in the Register;

- It is necessary to conduct an annual meeting of shareholders.

The bodies of the joint stock company in Switzerland:

-General meeting;

-Board of Directors;

-Governing body.

There are following necessary requirements for the joint-stock company registered in Switzerland:

-Company must have registered office in Switzerland, where it can obtains documents and physically receives the post.

There are following restrictions for companies in Switzerland:

It is prohibited to engage in banking, insurance, and investment activities without license.

After offshore company registration in Switzerland, one get a package of documents, which includes:

- Certificate of incorporation;

- Memorandum of Association;

- Articles of Association;

- Share Certificates;

- Initial resolution by subscribers to appoint first directors;

- General Power of Attorney;

- Tax Certificate;

- Stamp of the company.

Requirements for the company name

-it should end on Aktiengesellschaft, AG, Société Anonyme, SA, Limited, Ltd. etc. In addition to the offshore company registration in Switzerland, the company IT-Offshore offers services on opening bank accounts. The country has a reliable banking system with high level of confidentiality. We offer assistance in opening private and corporate accounts in Swiss bank, in particular without customer presence. Call us.

Switzerland signed an agreement on avoidance of double taxation with the following countries: Germany, the Netherlands, Britain, Denmark, Singapore, South Korea, the USA, Hungary, Norway, Japan, Finland, Austria, Canada, France, Sweden, Italy, New Zealand, Ireland, Belgium, Greece, Spain, South Africa, Iceland, Portugal, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and other countries.


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