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Singapore (Republic of Singapore) is located in South-East Asia. Its small territory consists of 63 islands sweeps by the Johor Strait. Significant industrial and economic growth of 50-90- ies contributed to the emergence of Singapore as trading and financial center in the region. In addition, now the country has a leading position in the world in terms of foreign exchange transactions, and has successfully developed high-tech industries. The official languages ​​in Singapore are Malay, Tamil, Chinese and English. The widespread using of the latter is one of the advantages of doing business. An added bonus for those who are thinking about opening own company in Singapore, is phenomenally low levels of corruption, very humane taxation and favorable investment climate. Reliability of the Singapore banking system is also important advantage. National currency - is Singapore dollar (S $). Legislative regulation is based on the British legal system, which is due to long Singapore staying in the status of colonial possessions of Great Britain.

So, what one should knows about Singapore`s offshore?

First of all, in most countries in the world Singapore is not considered as offshore. Officially, it is regarded as Onshore Area, one of the world`s largest financial centers. In fact, offshore it makes some of the taxation features. The state collects income tax only on income received across Singapore or transferred to the account of organization registered in the country.

Thus, companies are divided into resident and non-resident. Resident company is considered if more than half of its directors are residents of Singapore. A non-resident company across Singapore can be registered in such way that the tax will not be levied. This feature gives reason to consider Singapore as offshore zone.

It is worth mentioning the following main characteristics of taxation in Singapore:

- Corporate tax – is 17%;

- Tax on dividends and capital gains are not charged;

- Tax rate for private free companies for the first S$ 100,000 (about USD 61,000) taxable income (the first three years of operation) – is 0%, the next S$ 200,000 - half of the rate;

- Tax levy should be applied annually until the end of January.

The most popular company registration in Singapore is in the form of LTD (Private Limited Company), that is limited liability company and LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) - Partnership with limited liability. Although it should be noted, that legislation provides much more wide variety of variants (the Companies Act, passed in 2004).

The minimum share capital is not fixed by the law for this type of companies. One can use nominee services; in addition, there is exchange controls in the country.

To open a company in Singapore in the form Ltd, one must meet a number of requirements:

- One should have at least one director who must be a resident of Singapore and at least one shareholder;

- Secretary – private person with local residency;

- In the role of director and shareholder can act private and legal persons;

- It is necessary registered office across the country and holding of annual meeting of shareholders.

One must meet the following requirements to open offshore company in Singapore in the form of limited partnership:

- Founders may be at least two partners, private or legal persons without obligatory residence;

- Manager, private person with residency performs the director’s functions;

- It requires a registered office in Singapore.

It is important to know that the tax is applied not to the company as a legal entity, but to its partners.

A few points that one need to know before set up a company in Singapore:

Singapore signed an agreement on avoidance of double taxation with more than 60 countries, including Ukraine and Russia. However, it does not applied for limited liability partnership (LLP) and non-resident companies.

There is the possibility of purchasing ready-made offshore companies, which are already focused on the specific tasks and ensure quick start of business. Company compulsorily submit tax return every April (first declaration – after 18 months). Audit report is also required, except for companies with a turnover of less than S$ 5 million. Free private companies are not audited and submit financial statements in simplified form.

The minimum cost for company registration in Singapore – is $ 3600.

Registration takes from one to two weeks. Times and costs will vary depending on the structure of the company and the client`s tasks.


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