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Good offer Singapore LITE

Many experts agree that Singapore is one of the best places for international business. Singapore combines such important characteristics as economic stability and political security. Stable financial reputation of jurisdiction is rather attractive, because Singapore is not considered as classic offshore zone, but simply as country with low tax burden. Singapore is not included in any "black" list of offshore zones.

Singapore companies, possessing with high level of confidence of the world, enjoying the tax benefits and advantages similar to the best offshore. Singapore law allows to realize a lot of legal tax schemes that contribute to the optimization of taxation and increase the competitiveness of your business.

Let us consider in more detail the tax advantages that can get offshore Singapore:

- There is no income taxes gained outside Singapore;

- Excellent conditions for business start for residents:

- Corporate income tax is not paid within the first 3 years of the company existing from the first $ 100,000 of profit;

- After 3 years, the rate of 8.5% applies if the amount of profit is 100,001- $ 300,000 and the rate of 17% for the sum of more than $ 300,000;

- No tax on capital gains;

- No tax on dividends;

- The size of the share capital is not limited, there is no requirement for it payment;

- Residents are covered by the agreements for the avoidance of double taxation, which Singapore has concluded about 50;

- No exchange controls.

- It does not require personal presence for company registration in offshore area of ​​Singapore.

When you contact to IT-OFFSHORE, registration process will only take 24 hours.

There are the following requirements to offshore company in Singapore:

- It is necessary minimum one director and shareholder, as well as secretary. At the same time director and secretary must be resident in Singapore;

- Directors and shareholders can be both private and legal persons;

- High level of confidentiality is achieved by attracting the nominals, because information about directors and shareholders is in public access;

- It is necessary to submit financial statements, and passage of annual audit (for companies with number of shareholders - individuals over 20 and (or) with annual turnover not more than $ 5,000,000)

- It is required to conduct annual meeting of shareholders, at the same time it can take place anywhere in the world.

Offshore Singapore area often used by businessmen all over the world in the field of navigation, remote training, logistics, consulting and so on. Also, Singapore is selected as jurisdiction for conducting international trade in the Asian markets. It is worth noting developed infrastructure of the region, including transport. Banking system in Singapore has a leading position in the world and is one of the most stable and reliable.

Many experts note extremely friendly business environment in Singapore. Government organizations are working hard to provide services quickly and without unnecessary delays considered sufficient level of control. Highly qualified staff, who speak perfectly in English are living and working there. Conduct business in Singapore is not only profitable, but also pleasantly.

Especially for your, IT-OFFSHORE company has developed individual programs of offshore registration in Singapore as with involving nominals, and without them. We will consider all your wishes and make offer that will be beneficial for your business.


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