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Good offer Seychelles STAND.

For over a decade Seychelles is known as offshore jurisdiction with accelerated procedure of registration. In 1961, the Republic of Seychelles has signed the Hague Convention, after which has appeared opportunity to use Apostille as appropriate form of documents legalization. Seychelles is tax haven: offshore corporation, registered in jurisdiction are exempt from taxes on income, which is buy abroad. There is no discrimination against foreign nationals doing business here. The exception is that non-residents must obtain official permission to land tenure. Offshore Seychelles is in the white list of OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development). The currency of the country is Seychelles Rupee.

It is necessary to emphasize the low cost of registration and annual maintenance of the company in Seychelles. There are no exchange controls, no restrictions on income withdrawal from the country and it transfer to another bank account. In addition, offshore Seychelles signed an agreement on avoidance of double taxation with the following jurisdictions: Barbados, Botswana, Vietnam, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Indonesia, Qatar, Cyprus, China, Malaysia, Mauritius, Monaco, UAE, Oman, Thailand and RSA.

There are the following advantages of offshore company opening in Seychelles:

- No taxes on profits, dividends, interest, royalties;

- There is always the opportunity to buy ready-made offshore company;

- One can remotely open a bank account (in Latvian, Swiss and other banks) on Seychelles company;

- Ability to use offshore company for trading.

IT- Offshore company offers assistance in opening a bank account on the company registered in Seychelles.

For which businesses Offshores in Seychelles are suitable:

- Consulting services;

- Work related with international business;

- Trust opening;

- Trading;

- Trade in the Forex market;

- Brokering.

Offshores in Seychelles: necessary information for company registration:

- Three versions of the company name.

- Scanned copy of foreign passport or domestic passport of directors, shareholders.

- Proof of address: it can be utility bill, bank statement or credit card account, certificate issued by the municipality of residence, extract from the book of registration of tenants, letter from the notary, bank, etc.

Data of registration from the domestic passport can also be as proof of address.

Taxation in the offshore Seychelles.

0% - on dividends received by IBC.

1.5% - on dividends received by CSL companies.

15% - on dividends received from the local investments.

Only income gained from business across the jurisdiction are subjected to taxation in Seychelles.

What restrictions exist for companies in the offshore Seychelles?

Offshore company cannot own real estate in the jurisdiction. It is prohibited to provide own services to Seychelles’ residents. It is prohibited to engage in banking, insurance, reinsurance, investment activities without special license. IBC in Seychelles is flexible company that is ideally suited for wide range of activities.

Registration fee.

Seychelles IBC pays the following annual license fees:

$ 100 per year for companies with authorized capital of up to $ 5,000.

$ 300 per year for companies with authorized capital of up to $ 50,000.

$ 1,000 per year for companies with authorized capital of more than $ 50,000.

Seychelles company name can be in any language, but must be accompanied by translation into English or French. Documentation can be either in English or bilingual - in English and Chinese or any other language. The documents must be translated into English or French. Company name registered in Seychelles must end with the words "Limited", "Corporation", "Ltd", "Corp", "SA", "BV", "NV", "AG", SARL, Bhd, Pty , GmbH, LLC.

Restrictions for the Seychelles Company’s name:

In the name of IBC Seychelles can not be the words, suggesting the patronage of the government or other authorities. For example, Assurance, Bank, Government, and other similar words. These phrases are used only with a special permit or license.

Legal address in Seychelles.

The company must have a registered office in Seychelles. Registration address of the company is official and entered in the Register of Enterprises.

This address is used for business correspondence from the State Registrar or other authorities, and on which can actually be received the mail. Registered address must be indicated on the company`s letterhead.


The authorities of Seychelles do not allow engaging in financial, banking, insurance, business activities, gambling, or online games without special license.

So, summarize, what are the main advantages of offshore companies in Seychelles?

- Simple registration procedure;

- Ability of company registration in just one day;

- Low cost of registration and maintenance of the company;

- Is not required to conduct the financial statements;

- One do not need to pay taxes.

If you need an inexpensive offshore jurisdiction with high level of confidentiality, that offshore Seychelles – is excellent choice for you.


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