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In 1994, a law (The Seychelles International Business Companies Act) was adopted, which has given the opportunity to register tax-free company. The legal system of the Seychelles is a mixed model, which includes the civil law of French origin and the other legal institutions, based on the English model.

One can register different types of companies in offshore Seychelles: limited liability company, company with special license (CSL), trust. However, Seychelles IBC is the most popular. Like other classic offshore jurisdiction, Seychelles used International Business Company (IBC) for the participation in the international business. Seychelles International Business Company does not submit annual accounts, does not carry out audit. In addition, the names of the owners and directors of the company, registered in this jurisdiction, are confidential. There is no need to hold meetings of directors and shareholders of the company, it is possible to carry out telephonically. Directors and shareholders of the offshore company registered in Seychelles can be both private and legal persons of any residence. There are no requirements for the post of secretary.

Companies registered in Seychelles are exempt from all taxes on the offshore IBC income, income from capital gains and dividends received from foreign company`s activity. The authorized share capital of IBC in Seychelles is usually $ 5000 and can be in any currency. The minimum issued capital is one share without nominal value or one share with nominal value.

Offshore Seychelles is investment haven.

International Business Company registration has the following advantages:

- 100% foreign ownership;

- 100% capital indemnity and profit recovery;

- No tax on dividends;

- No income and any other taxes relating with offshore company activities in Seychelles.

Documents stored in the Companies Register:

- Certificate of company registration;

- Memorandum;

- Statute and amendments to these documents.

What documents are kept in the registered agent:

- Record of the first meeting;

- Record on the appointment of the Director;

- Register of directors;

- Register of shareholders;

- Share certificates.

Information, which must be kept at the registered office:

- Records of meetings of shareholders and directors;

- Register of directors;

- Register of shareholders.

IBC in Seychelles can:

- Maintain professional relationships with local lawyers, accountants, investment advisors and other officials in the territory of Seychelles.

- Hold meetings of shareholders, directors across the Islands.

- Keep own shares, debt obligations, security papers in other IBC in the Seychelles in accordance with the Law on IBC or Law on the Companies 1942.

- IBC shares may hold Seychelles’ resident.

- To have bank accounts and deposits across the jurisdiction.

- To have registered transport in the Seychelles (including sea and air).

Meetings of shareholders and directors:

- Meeting of Directors and shareholders of the company may be held anywhere in the world by any means, including telephone or other electronic means of communication.

- Meetings of the Board of Directors is not required.

- Proxy server may represents shareholder or director and speak or vote on his behalf during the meeting of shareholders and directors.

Seychelles Company: taxation and fees.

There are a number of tax advantages for owners of the Seychelles International Business Company:

- Zero tax on all profits earned outside of the Seychelles;

- There is no fee for exchange of shares or sale of any assets;

- Zero income tax;

- Corporation tax - 0%;

- There is no tax on capital gains;

- No sales tax;

- There is no tax on interest and dividends paid to non-residents;

- There is no value-added tax;

- No import export duty.

Charges in the Seychelles.

Annual maintenance fee includes:

- Payment of government fees (fixed amount of tax, which is paid annually, depending on the size of the authorized share capital of the company);

- Registration Office;

- Payment for nominee service (if necessary).

Companies registered in the Seychelles, can experience the full benefits of tax-free jurisdiction where respected policy of security and privacy. Seychelles is a thriving offshore financial center.

The number of foreign companies that are registered in the Seychelles, is constantly growing thanks to the wide range of offshore services. Seychelles popularity among investors and businesses is due to the low cost of jurisdiction and strict observance of the laws of confidentiality.

Requirements for offshore companies in Seychelles:

To register offshore Seychelles, one should have registration address across jurisdiction and registered agent.

Buy Offshore in Seychelles, the price Seychelles PRO package includes:

- Offshore company registration;

- Payment of state registration fee;

- Registered address and registered agent services (for one year);

- Set of documents under Apostille;

- Services of nominee directors and shareholders (for one year);

- Seal;

- Document delivery.

Seychelles is unique jurisdiction and very reasonable alternative to offshore areas such as British Virgin Islands, Bahamas or Cayman Islands.

Seychelles IBC can be used for the following activities:

- International trade;

- Protection of assets;

- Tax evasion;

- Protection of intellectual property;

- Estate planning;

- Holding company;

- Financial management;

- Lease of other assets.

If in the first place, you are interested in privacy, Seychelles - is the right choice. Information about directors, shareholders, beneficial owner of the company is not entered in the public registries. Information about company owners may be disclosed to third parties only upon the decision of the local court.


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