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The Republic of Seychelles, which includes more than hundred islands, situated in the western part of the Indian Ocean. Travel industry is the basis of the economy. Seychelles - is stable jurisdiction, which is classic offshore. Thanks to loyal legislation, there are all necessary conditions for the international business. In addition, the reputation of progressive tax haven, attracts more and more willing to make business here. There are registered more than 30 thousand companies in Seychelles.

The economy of Seychelles has historically built on the export of fish and agricultural products. However, thanks to systematic reform, the government was able to stimulate the development of the tourism industry, which has become one of the main sources of income. Along with this, the state has systematically created developed financial services industry, that allowed attracting major international business organizations, partnerships as foreign customers, etc. In addition, there was adopted legislation relating mutual funds, trusts and free trade zone in Seychelles. This has given jurisdiction the opportunity to compete with large and well-established offshore financial centers.

Seychelles plans to become a financial bridge between China and Africa. The state intends to be a "gateway" for international investors who need corporate structures for investment.

Seychelles was a British colony until the proclamation of independent republic in 1976.

Today Seychelles - is not only one of the most popular vacation destinations, but also the most attractive region for the offshore company’s registration.

With the active assistance of the Government`s International Business - Companies (IBC), registered in Seychelles, are provided special conditions for doing business.

IBC registration - quick and easy process:

- State fee is paid within company registration;

- Business owner is obliged to pay only small fixed annual fee.

Seychelles IBC is one of the most competitive companies for international business.

Seychelles is not included in the black list of FATF (Financial Action Task Force). One can use nominee service, thereby ensuring own confidentiality.

Why it is worth to register a company in Seychelles?

- No need to pay taxes.

- High level of confidentiality.

- No requirement for minimum capital.

- No need to conduct audit.

- No financial statements.

- No exchange control.

- There is no need to make authorized capital.

- The names of directors and shareholders are not in the public registry.

- Tax benefits.

- Low government fees.

- International Trade Zone.

- Favorable corporate laws.

- Asset protection.

- Low cost of registration and company renewal.

- Modern corporate legislation is based on common law.

- Political stability.

- Capital can be in any currency.

- Tax exemption for the company for twenty years.

To buy ready-made company in Seychelles.

We offer our customers the opportunity to register both IBC from the ground up and buy ready-made company (offshore) in Seychelles. To buy ready-made company, we will offer you to choose the name of the company from the list of ready-made offshore. Reissuance of the International company in your name takes 1 business day.

It does not require personal presence in order to buy offshore in Seychelles. One can forms purchase in remote mode.

There are the following advantages of buying ready-made company in Seychelles:

- The fastest option to become the owner of offshore company;

- Ability to use nominee services;

- Ability to buy offshore company with history.

The process of buying ready-made company in Seychelles:

- Filing of application to buy ready-made company.

- Selecting the name from the provided list of ready-made offshore companies.

- Payment.

- Reissuance of ready-made offshore company in your name.

- Sending a package of documents to the specified client address.

IT-Offshore company is ready to help you to register company in Seychelles and will provide information within 1 business day. One can buy Offshore in Seychelles at the price of 399 USD.


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