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Good offer RSA STAND.

South Africa today is the most economically developed state on the African continent. This country, which is part of the big 20 (G20), has a fairly strong world position, and in its bowels is concentrated a large amount of mineral resources. This state is also distinguished by a stable political and economic situation, thanks to which the world financial crisis has not affected the state of its financial and banking sector. It is thanks to all of the above that the South African republic is gaining increasing popularity in the world as an offshore jurisdiction.

Features and stages of company registration in South Africa

To register a new organization in the territory of the South African Republic, which usually takes 14 working days, it is necessary to fill out and submit the appropriate forms to the Commission on Companies and Intellectual Property of South Africa (CIPC). What is remarkable, in 2014 all the processes connected with the registration of new organizations in this country were automated.

The process of registering a new organization on the territory of this state consists of the following stages:

- First of all, the name that the future owner wishes to assign to his firm is verified and confirmed;
- all necessary forms are prepared and filled out;
- payment of all duties and fees provided for by the current legislation of the country;
- the organization is registered in the CIPC;
- if this is necessary, the documents are certified and apostilled;
- all documents, properly designed, are delivered to the client.
To carry out the above procedure it will be necessary to provide:
- Passport (it is possible to provide a scanned copy).
- A scanned copy of the document confirming the place of residence of the future owner of the company. As such, you can provide: a sheet with a stamp confirming the address of the owner of the company; receipt for payment of utilities, etc.

What does the owner of a new registration receive after registering it?

After registration of the new organization, its owner receives:
- certificate;
- the statute and the constituent contract of the organization;
- the decision of the founder to appoint the first director of the company;
- a document confirming the director's agreement;
- Decision on the legal address of the documents;
- agreement on acceptance of the registered agent and recognition of his legal address;
- a document that allows the company to issue shares.

The owner of the newly established organization also receives from its director the following:
- a document according to which the nominal head of the firm undertakes to provide the relevant services;
- the decision that the head is ready to issue a power of attorney;
- directly the power of attorney certified by an apostille.
The actual owner of the firm also receives certain forms from its nominal owner.

Such, in particular, are:
- trust declaration;
- a document under which he undertakes to provide a nominal service;
- a document according to which the nominal owner transfers all shares to the real owner.

In order not to be engaged in the implementation of all the above procedures, you can use the services of our company, whose specialists possess all the necessary knowledge and rich experience in this field.


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