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Good offer Poland STANDARD

 The package Standard offered by our company, assuming the opening and registration of the company in Poland, includes also the list of the following services:

- registration of the firm with certification of all necessary documents;
- providing advice on all matters relating to the registration of the company;
- the implementation of all actions necessary for the registration of a new organization in the Tax Service and its statistical registration, control over the assignment of the NIP - tax number and REGON - the statistical number;
- implementation of all state payments;
- payment for services provided by a notary's office;
- legal address (Krakow).

The total period of company registration, provided by this package, is from 4 to 6 weeks.

Advantages of doing business in Poland

The most significant advantages of doing business in Poland are:

- The process of opening and registering a company in Poland is quite simple and does not require large expenses.
- Provision of representative and accounting services, as well as obtaining a legal address, also does not require large financial investments.
- To save yourself time and money, you can use the service of electronic registration of the company.
- To conduct business in this country, there are no territorial, social and language barriers.
- The economy of the Republic of Poland has been growing lately.
- The co-founders of the organization are not responsible for the consequences of its activities.
- The minimum statutory capital rate and the threshold for entry into business in Poland are also low.
- The authorized capital of a Polish firm can be increased not only through financial injections.
- Opportunity to use the EU grant programs. Such programs, which should also be known, can only be used by liquid organizations.
- Foreign citizens who conduct their business in Poland can easily get a residence permit and permanent residence in Europe.
- Possibility to use inexpensive (5%) loans from European banks.
- The ability to be on the territory of any of the countries of the European Union is the amount of time that is needed.
- The ability to transport all the members of his family to a civilized European country, receive social benefits and state guarantees on an equal basis with her native citizens.
- Your children, living in Poland, will be able to get a free European education in one of the state universities of the country, or to study for a master's degree in any of the higher educational institutions of any other European state.

Company registration in Poland - the main advantages

In Poland, comparing it with other European countries, it is quite low cost of living and not too burdensome level of taxation, while the economy of this country, according to the level of development, takes the sixth place in the European Union and the twentieth in the world. A Polish company, actually registered in Europe, can work without restrictions with other EU countries, without paying customs duties and not making a number of other payments.

If you open a Polish company that has the option of returning VAT (VAT), you can trade with other EU countries at minimal cost, provide transportation services between such states as cargo and passengers. A Polish company, which is present on the market for at least six months, can simply leasing out any equipment and machinery, without necessarily providing information on the income of such an organization.

A company that is open in Poland can expect to receive part of the funds allocated by the European Union for the development of the Polish economy. These funds, by the way, some of which are refundable (with a low percentage), and part of the non-refundable, allocated by the European Union in the total amount of 124 billion euros (between 2014 and 2020). In addition to these funds, the Polish company can take advantage of low-cost European loans, grants and grants, designed for business development. The presence of Polish citizens in the number of co-founders of a company that is open by a foreign citizen is not absolutely necessary. Own and manage such a company, which is convenient, can be the same citizen who is not a citizen of Poland.

Turning to the issue of registration of a foreign company in our company, you can also specify the individual requirements associated with such a procedure. All these requirements, due to extensive experience in this field, we are ready to consider and satisfy.


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