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Poland LITE
€ 1250

Incorporation documents preparation
Notary registration
Registered address
DHL Delivery

Good offer Poland LITE

The package Lite offered by our company, assuming the opening and registration of the company in Poland, includes also the list of the following services:

- registration of the firm with certification of all necessary documents;
- providing advice on all matters relating to the registration of the company;
- the implementation of all actions necessary for the registration of a new organization in the Tax Service and its statistical registration, control over the assignment of the NIP - tax number and REGON - the statistical number;
- implementation of all state payments;
- payment for services provided by a notary's office;
- legal address (Krakow).

The total period of company registration, provided by this package, is from 4 to 6 weeks.

The high attractiveness of Poland as a country for doing business is explained by a number of factors, including:
- Poland is the most stable and dynamically developing state among the EU countries;
- the country's economy, according to its level of development, ranks sixth in Europe;
- for simplicity of doing business and comfort for its owners, Poland ranks 39th among 189 countries that are members of the European Union (Doing Business rating);
- The state is most loyal to those foreign citizens who know how and are ready to develop in this country business, the proceeds from which will come to the treasury.

The most attractive type of company that a foreign citizen can open in Poland is sp. z o.o. (Spolka z ograniczona odpowiedzialnoscia) is an analogue of our LLC. A company of this type can be registered as a single foreign citizen or a group of non-residents. The founders of such a company and its board may also include family members, relatives and companions of its main owner. What is also important, to engage in a company of this type can almost any activity that does not contradict the current legislation of Poland.

What you should know when starting a company in Poland

Having decided to open a company (LLC) and begin to run your business in Poland, you need to know about the following nuances:

- The company itself is responsible for all the company's obligations with its property and authorized capital, and not its founders and co-founders.
- Represent the company, as well as conduct its affairs - the Board, which may include one or more members. Apart from the founders and co-founders, the Management Board of the firm may also include persons outside their circle.
- The minimum authorized capital is PLN 5,000 (approximately EUR 1,259), and the minimum amount of participation is PLN 50 (about EUR 11).
- The company's basic data, when registered in Poland, are entered in the KRS - Polish court register. At the time of registration in this register, which is conducted by the country's economic court, the organization receives the status of a legal entity.
- Each taxpayer of the state and an entrepreneur operating in its territory is once assigned an identification tax number.

Information on tax rates and reporting in Poland

As in any other country, the main types of tax deductions in Poland are the 19% profit tax and the VAT rate in this country is 23%. In addition, the country's legislation allocated about 200 products for which excise tax is provided.

When conducting business in Poland, it is necessary to submit monthly accounting and tax reporting. The main types of reports that will need to be submitted with such frequency are:
- report on income tax;
- declaration on VAT paid;
- Report on deductions made for social needs.


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