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Panama LITE
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  • Set of incorporation documents
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  • Nominee directors service (3)
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Good offer Panama LITE

Panama offshore zone is famous financial haven, which is working steadily for over 80 years. Jurisdiction has liberal financial legislation. Panama’s offshores are exempt from paying any taxes, that allows to minimize the tax burden. A simple procedure of registration of the law firm together with the lack of account submission makes Panama the ideal place for business. Not for nothing in terms of offshore amount, Panama occupies the second place in the world.

There are the following economic advantages of the offshore companies in Panama:

- Exemption from tax on income earned by non-residents from any activities outside the country. It is paid only fixed fee;

- Account management in United States dollars;

- There are no any kind of accounting and auditing;

- There is no exchange control;

- High anonymity, which is achieved due to the possibility of involvement of nominee directors and shareholders, whose may or may not be resident of the country;

- Ease of company registration and the fastest time (1-2 days);

- There is no necessity of full payment of the declared authorized capital.

For offshore companies registration in Panama, it is not necessary your personal presence, the company can be registered remotely. Directors and shareholders can hold annual shareholders` meeting by telephone or other means of communication, which makes the company management simple and low-cost.

Besides the obvious economic benefits, Panama is selected as tax haven for a number of regional advantages. Panama is part of the largest free trade zone in Latin America and Caribbean - Colon. The country has a good investment climate: low inflation, developed banking and transport infrastructure. Panama is not a member of the OECD black list (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development or OECD).

There are the following requirements for Panama’s offshores:

In most cases, companies in Panama created in the form of corporations. During the registration process, you will need at least one owner, one shareholder, and three directors. Although the Panamanian legislation does not require that all these people were residents of the country, though not everyone wants to spend time and effort to collect the necessary documents. To simplify the registration procedure, one can use nominee services, who always have all necessary documents at hand. For your convenience, the company IT-OFFSHORE offers packages with full and partial nominee service.


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