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Good offer Oregon STANDARD

The United States is a federal state consisting of 51 states, each of which has its own constitution and legislation. Oregon is attractive option for the prestigious American company registration with good business reputation. LLC is the most common form of company.

There are the following advantages of offshore Oregon:

US non-residents are exempt from income tax if the income is received from activities carried out outside the country.

There are the following requirements for the company names:

- The name of the Limited Liability Company should have the end of LLC or Limited Liability Company.

- The name of the Corporation should have the end of Incorporated, Limited, Corporation (Inc., Ltd, Corp.).

There are the following benefits of the company registration:

- No requirements for the capital size;

- Inability to issue bearer shares;

- Possibility of issuing shares without nominal;

- It is possible the presence of one director and one shareholder;

- Ability to use nominee service;

- Banking, trust, reinsurance and insurance activity without license are prohibited.

The tax system depends on the type of company. The owner of the company, which is non-resident, is not considered as tax entity in the United States.

The Company is obliged to submit annual financial report; audit is not required. There is open register of the shareholders and directors across the territory of the state. Oregon has more than 60 signed agreements on avoidance of double taxation.

To open an account in US bank, legal entity must have identification number of employer. For account opening, private persons (individual entrepreneurs) must have social security number, which is used as the taxpayer`s identity of the private person. It is assigned to US citizens, the owners of Green Card, as well as working migrants. Company registration procedure is simple and takes about three weeks.


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