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Foreign citizens seeking to establish a company in Mauritius often choose non-resident organizations, which are called GBC II. Most often, such structures are used to carry out trading activities or for the purpose of investing. The most significant advantage of such companies is that the results of their activities are not taxed at all.

Meanwhile, there are drawbacks in such structures, the most critical of which is that they can not use international agreements to avoid double taxation. Information about the beneficiary owners of such companies, which is also an important nuance, is not disclosed to third parties.

Features of non-resident companies

If we talk about the specifics of registration and activity of non-resident companies registered in the territory of the state of Mauritius, then they include:

- Structures of this type can engage in any kind of activity that does not contradict the current legislation of the country. At the same time, it is important that such firms do not have the right to carry out their activities on the territory of Mauritius itself.
- To establish a company of this type, it is necessary to have a registered office and a registration agent in Mauritius.
- Such organizations are completely exempt from taxes.
- In the name of the company, the following designations must necessarily be present: LIMITED, LTD, INCORPORATED, CORPORATION, PUBLIC LIMITED COMPANY.
- The authorized capital of such organizations can be paid in different currencies: EURO, USD, GBP. The minimum amount of such a contribution, which is noteworthy, is only 1 US dollar.
- Non-resident firms can not deal with issue of shares as bearer, and without declaration of par value.
- The residence of organizations of this type is unlimited.
- In such firms there must be at least one director (an individual or a legal entity).
- The minimum number of shareholders of such companies is one person (an individual or a legal entity).
- In the staff of such a company, there is not necessarily a registered secretary.
- Activities of non-resident organizations must necessarily be reflected in regularly submitted financial statements.
- Filing of financial statements is not obligatory.
- There are no requirements for compulsory audit.
- As a place of storage of organization's documents, any place in the territory of Mauritius can be chosen.
- Meetings of shareholders and managers of the organization can be held anywhere in the world.
- In relation to firms of this type there is no state currency control.
- To open a company of this type, it is not necessarily the personal presence of its future owner, all actions related to such a procedure can be carried out remotely.
- Third parties can obtain information about the owners and directors of non-resident firms only upon the decision of the local court.

To ensure that all activities related to the registration of non-resident companies do not take a lot of time and do not cause any difficulties, you can entrust their performance to specialists of our company. By doing so, you will save not only time, but also money, having received, as a result, at your disposal an organization through which you can freely start your business in the offshore jurisdiction of Mauritius.


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