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Jurisdiction Mauritius, in essence, belongs to the category of midshore. This state includes not only two large islands - Mauritius and Rodriguez, but also a whole group of smaller islands: Agalera, Cargados-Carajos, Mascarene Islands. Its popularity, this offshore state has acquired because it is geographically located between Africa and Asia, occupies a strategic position. It is thanks to this successful geographical location that Mauritius, often called the Gateway to Africa, acts as a strategic platform for investment in the economy of this country, which makes this offshore jurisdiction an attractive site.

Benefits of company registering in Mauritius

If you compare midrshore Mauritius with classic offshore, you can identify a number of benefits, which, in particular, are as follows:

- this state is included in the "white" list of OECD;
- lack of exchange control by the state;
- developed banking system and the ability to invest in the country's economy through a local financial exchange;
- This country strictly adheres to the terms of 40 contracts, excluding the possibility of double taxation;
- The tax system of the state provides the most favorable conditions for the development of its own business in it;
- low tax rates for companies both resident and non-resident;
- dividends of the firm, as well as interest paid to non-residents, are not taxed;
- there are no compulsory requirements to the need to audit the activities of organizations;
- Non-residents can act as shareholders and directors of organizations registered in the country.

What is necessary in order to register a company in Mauritius

In order to register a company in a given state, it is necessary to fulfill a number of mandatory requirements, which, in particular, include:

- the registered organization must necessarily have a resident agent, as well as a legal address in the territory of the state;
- there are no strict requirements to the size of the authorized capital, as well as to the number of shares issued by the organization;
- There is a ban on issuing shares to the bearer.
The most attractive business areas for which it is beneficial to register an offshore company in this country are:
- trade carried out in an international format;
- trade through the Internet;
- management of property belonging to the intellectual category;
- for the storage of property, both movable and immovable, as well as storage of the received inheritance;
- provision of consulting services;
- transactions with securities and currency.

In order not to delve into all nuances of registering a company in the territory of the state of Mauritius, you can entrust such a responsible business to the specialists of our company, which will help you to save not only valuable time, but also financial means.


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