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The island state of Mauritius is well known all over the world not only for its snow-white beaches, comfortable climate and unique nature, but also for the excellent conditions for opening offshore companies and their further activities. Mauritius, which is famous for its stable democracy, as well as the absence of an official language in this country, also has a developed banking sector, attractive legislation and a diversified economy. The above mentioned advantages are the main reasons why Mauritius is one of the most popular offshore jurisdictions today.

Offshore Mauritius has an impeccable reputation, while offering excellent business conditions for foreign companies registered on its territory. Even GDP per capita in this state, which amounts to about 9000 US dollars, indicates that the economic situation in this state is all right. Depending on the specifics of the activity that the company is planning to engage in, it is possible to optimally select one of the proposed forms for its registration.

Features of business organization in offshore jurisdiction Mauritius

A distinctive feature of Mauritius are the Global Business Company (GBC), most often opened by foreign nationals in the territory of this state. There are such companies of two main classes: resident (GBC I) and non-resident (GBC II), and the main differences between them are as follows:

• GBC I - the tax rate paid by organizations of this type, although small, depends on the source of their income. What is important, for organizations of this type are available all 40 agreements concluded by the government of the country relating to preventing the possibility of double taxation. In addition, although such companies are resident, data on their owners and directors do not appear in the public register. Meetings of the leadership of such organizations, meanwhile, must necessarily be held in Mauritius.
• GBC II – is completely non-resident companies that do not have the right to conduct business on the territory of the state, but only beyond its borders. Such organizations, which are very similar to the usual IBC, are completely exempt from tax deductions.

A relatively new form of firms registered in Mauritius by foreign nationals is limited partnerships, in the management of which there are both general and limited partners. The rights of limited partners of such organizations are protected, although they do not have the right to issue documents on behalf of the firms they represent.

Banking and Tax Policy of Mauritius

The banking sector of the country, as already mentioned above, is well developed, it is distinguished by its classical stability and predictability. The financial structures of this island state are connected to the IBAN system, which also increases the convenience of doing business and ensures its stability. The accounts here are opened quickly, and the payment for the use of banking products is quite acceptable.

As for tax policy, it depends on the type of organization. Thus, resident organizations are subject to a 3% tax on foreign sources and 15% to local ones. In this case, firms of this type are reliably protected from double taxation by special international agreements. Non-resident firms do not pay taxes at all, but international agreements to them have nothing to do.


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