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Good offer Malta STANDARD

Malta is a small island state in the Mediterranean Sea. The country gained independence from Britain in 1964 and was proclaimed as republic 10 years later. Malta is a member of UN, European Union, Council of Europe, International Monetary Fund, part of the Eurozone. The most developed industry is tourism, in addition, there is located high-tech enterprises. One of the priorities in the country`s economy is the area of financial services.

The popularity of this jurisdiction for business conducting is due to the following factors:

- Respectability of jurisdiction and, as a result, a solid image of registered company;

- Signed the agreement on avoidance of double taxation with more than 50 countries;

- Favorable conditions for the establishment of holding companies, financial companies, as well as the registration of ships;

- Possibility of tax planning;

- High level of confidentiality (using nominee service);

- No foreign exchange controls;

- Significant advantages for redomiciled companies.

Most often, the company registration in Malta takes place in the form of a Private Limited Libility Company, LLC. For companies, there are restrictions on the conduct of certain activities, such as banking, insurance, investment, which, along with gambling, require a special license. In order to optimize taxation, one should refrain from business with resident companies in Malta. Company name should not point to illegal activity or requiring licensing activities. The name should have the end Limited or Ltd.

Company registration in Malta provides minimum one director and two shareholders (or one, if it is legal entity, such as an offshore company). Director can only be a private person. There are requirements for the position of Secretary, which predominantly is a resident of Malta. The authorized capital must be not less than 1 200 euros, 20% of the amount must be paid at the time of registration. One can issue nominal shares with nominal value; it is prohibited to issue the shares to bearer. Information about directors, shareholders and secretaries are in the open registry, so for privacy one can use the services of licensed nominals. LLC provides annual financial and accounting reports, audits. It should also be registered office and annual meeting of shareholders.

The company has the right to open bank accounts in branches of foreign banks operating in Malta, as well as in local or outside Malta`s banking institutions.

With regard to taxation, the most attractive is the system of tax charges in Malta. The standard rate of corporate tax on all income received by the company is 35%. However, if the shareholders (investors) are not residents of Malta and part of the company’s profit from doing business in the country does not exceed 10%, it is possible the refund of the most part of the tax paid (6/7) provided by the distribution of dividends to shareholders. That is actually the income tax rate is reduced to 5%. In the case of taxation of passive income (interest) and royalties, it can be refund in 5/7 of the amount of tax paid (as a result the rate decreases to 10%). This option is not available if dividends are paid from the profits in respect of which there was applied agreement on avoidance of double taxation. Refund occurs within 14 days of the filing of the relevant application.

The holding company while performing specified requirements may impose dividends or income from the capital gains tax or return 6/7 or 2/3 of the paid income taxes. Thus, Malta is attractive not as offshore or low tax zone, but as jurisdiction with more efficient taxation system.


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