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The small island state of Malta, located in the Mediterranean Sea, is known in the world not only as a popular holiday destination, but also as development financial and economic center. Jurisdiction is attractive for foreign business for ability to use the traditional advantages of low-tax zones, without fear to get under antioffshore sanctions. Company in Malta can be an effective tool for tax planning. In addition, there are no restrictions ("black list") for working with offshore companies, it is possible to obtain a VAT number for trading with companies from the EU. The country is a favorable region for the registration of gambling companies. Malta has a membership in the UN, European Union, International Monetary Fund, is part of the Eurozone.

The following factors promotes the successful conduct of business in Malta:

- Status of the company, registered in the prestigious jurisdiction;

- Ability to use licensed nominee service;

- No foreign exchange controls;

- Wide list of the countries, which signed the agreement on avoidance of double taxation.

Taxation in Malta is characterized by wide opportunities for significant reduction in tax rates. With the standard rate of corporation tax of 35%, there is possibility to return 6/7, 5/7, 2/3 of the amount of income tax paid (imputation tax system). For this purpose, it is necessary that the income was obtained from sources outside Malta, and distributed as dividends in favor of foreign shareholders or owners of the company. In the case of agreements on avoidance of double taxation, one can claims to tax refund in the amount of 2/3. Tax refund occurs within 14 days. The payment of dividends, interest or royalties abroad is not taxed in Malta (no withholding tax). The lack of foreign exchange risk is provided by the fact that the tax refund comes in the currency in which it was paid. VAT rate is 18% (it may be reduced to 5% depending on the activity).

The company`s activities in Malta is regulated by the laws of "the Companies" and "On financial services". Partnerships with limited and unlimited liability, private, public and limited liability companies are the most popular types of companies in Malta. The most popular form is Private Limited Liability Company, Limited, Ltd.

There are the following requirements for Ltd registration:

- At least one director (private person);

- At least two shareholders (private or legal persons);

- Obligatory presence of the Secretary - resident of Malta;

- Size of share capital is at least 1,200 euros, 20% of the amount must be paid at the time of registration;

- One can issue nominal shares with nominal value (bearer shares are not allowed);

- Information about directors, shareholders and secretaries are in the open registry;

- Annual accounting, financial reporting and auditing are necessary to submit;

- Registered office in the territory of Malta;

- Annual holding of shareholders meeting.

Bank accounts can be opened both in Maltese banks and foreign banking institutions in the territory of Malta or abroad.


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