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Offshore zone Malta.

Malta – is a Southern European island country in the Mediterranean Sea. The small island state. The total area of ​​the territory is 316 square meters. km and a population of about 400 thousand people. Convenient geographical location between the important shipping routes attracts an incredible number of tourists, which provides significant revenue to the state budget. Malta is an independent democratic state. There are policy of neutrality. The state actively cooperates with the European Union.

Many countries use international experience, established in offshore zones, as favorable conditions for trade-intermediary and financial activities, that contribute to attracting foreign multinational companies. The use of tax havens helps to implement specific tasks and projects.

What is offshore?

Offshore – is a financial center to attract foreign capital through taxation condescending.

For the small business, the cost for registration and maintenance of offshore companies is quite expensive, so it is much more profitable to operate in their country. Opening offshore is oriented for medium and large businesses.

In Malta in virtue of scarce natural resources and drinking water, it is necessary to import foods and goods from the continent.

The main part of the country`s income consists of:



-Financial services.

Malta purposefully develops a comfortable environment inside the country. Calm political situation, low crime rate, lack of social upheaval contributes to greater country’s economic growth.

Why do you need offshore company in Malta?

Offshore – is like box (strong box). It is a way to store the accumulated funds in a safe place. The ability to access and free movement of own funds, despite the economic instability in the country of residence.

Offshore for business. This is the most effective option for running company. Tax optimization, workflow simplification, security and reliability of the financial flows. The presence of an agreement on avoidance of double taxation gives additional opportunity for saving on taxes.

Offshore for fixed assets. If you purchase the fixed assets in offshore company, as a contribution to the share capital, there will no necessity to pay customs duties and VAT.

Resident - non-resident. Due to loopholes in the legislation, it is possible to save on salary taxes for business travels. Competent calculation of days in a country when specialist, going in business travel, ceases to be resident of the country of residence, but s(he) does not have time to become a resident of the host country.

An important fact of economic policy in Malta.

With the help of low-income tax, the country`s leadership is trying to attract wealthy private persons from abroad. This is privileged status of permanent resident, who can move freely, paying only tax of 15% from all income that came to Malta. At the same time, such residents cannot be engage in any activity within the country. Exception – is renting of villas with swimming pool for short-term. The size of the income tax of Maltese citizens, by comparison, can be up to 35%.

There are the following advantages of company registration in offshore Malta:

- Simple registration procedure;

- Fixed income tax rate is 35%, can be reduced to 5%, in the case if shareholders will return previously paid corporate tax at a rate of 6/7 upon the payment of dividends;

- The level of confidentiality is very high (the information about the beneficial owners and financial transactions can be obtained only by court order);

- Shareholders and directors can be both private and legal persons;

- The minimum number of shareholders and directors – is 1 person;

- Ability to attract nominee directors and shareholders, who can perform all necessary legal actions;

- There is no exchange control (except for the non-residents of the EEA - European Economic Area);

- Storage of the company’s documents anywhere in the world;

- Application of agreements on avoidance of double taxation through bilateral agreements;

- Reliability of Maltese banks;

- Any type of activity;

- Purchase of ready-made company.

One should consider the following main requirements for the offshore company opening:

- Paid authorized capital at the time of registration;

- Authorized capital may not be less than 1,250 EUR;

- Company name must end with Ltd or Limited;

- Shares with no par value and bearer shares are prohibited;

- Registered office and the Secretary;

- Maintenance of financial statements;

- Submission of annual reports.

Types of international offshore companies in Malta


The principal activities of trading companies is trade, insurance, finance, banking services. International trading companies carry out activities within the country and abroad. If activity is carried out outside the country, the organization acquires the status of international trading company. Holding is a set of control (parent) company and its controlled branches (subsidiaries).


The principal activities of non-trading companies is copyright, patents, shipping. In Malta, there is a possibility to buy ready-made company. One need remembers about responsibility buying a ready-made offshore, since offshore is purchased along with the history. Therefore, one should carefully check the documents. A few years ago the offshore area used mainly for capital withdrawal, but now offshore is used as effective tool in the global financial market.


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