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The reason for the high popularity of offshore companies being established in Labuan is due to the fact that a number of laws have been adopted in this region that facilitate the conduct of highly effective commercial activities in it. According to these laws, in particular, in this jurisdiction foreign citizens are allowed to create various funds (insurance, share, investment, etc.), limited liability companies, shipping organizations and special trusts. By carrying out their activities, the structures registered on the territory of this region have the opportunity to successfully plan their financial activities. Equally important is the fact that this jurisdiction has a number of international agreements that prevent double taxation.

Which type of organization is most often registered on the territory of Labuan

The law, which specifies the procedure for registration and operation of offshore companies, was adopted in the region in 1990. According to the provisions of this law, organizations of two main types can be registered in the territory of this jurisdiction:

- The so-called foreign offshore companies are structures that were originally created in any other jurisdiction, but then passed registration in the region;
- Firms that were originally registered in this jurisdiction in full compliance with the applicable law of Malaysia.
Organizations of the second kind, in turn, are divided into the following categories of firms:
- Private Company Limited by Shares;
- Private Unlimited Company;
- Company Limited by Guarantee;
- Public Company Limited by Shares.

Taxation of Labuan companies

From the point of view of taxation, organizations registered in the offshore jurisdiction of Labuan are divided into two types:

- Commercial. Companies of this type include organizations that carry out their activities in the following areas: insurance and banking; asset management, trading; management of various funds and trusts; operation with copyrights, licenses and patents. In this category, by the way, do not include organizations involved in sea transportation and working with oil.
- Non-commercial. This category includes holding companies that own assets that are in the form of investments in securities, real estate objects, and also in the form of bank deposits. Structures of this type, by the way, are completely exempt from tax deductions.

Our specialists will help you to get competent advice on the categories of organizations operating in this offshore jurisdiction, as well as choose the type of company.


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