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Labuan, located in a few kilometers from the northern coast of Borneo in Malaysia, is a fairly young offshore jurisdiction. Entrepreneurs opening their companies here are offered a fairly favorable tax regime, which explains the high attractiveness of this territory for people who are going to engage in international business.

This territory, part of the Malay Federation, occupies only 60 square miles of land, it includes several islands, the main one of which is called Labuan. This region also has an advantageous geographical position, it is very conveniently located between Malaysia itself, the Philippines and the Sultanate of Brunei. Neighborhood with such global financial and economic centers as Hong Kong, Singapore, Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur, makes this jurisdiction a very attractive place in terms of carrying out activities in various business areas.

The reasons for the popularity of Labuan as an offshore jurisdiction

Its popularity as an offshore jurisdiction, the region acquired not only because of its favorable geographical position. Its attractiveness as a place where it is profitable to develop international business is also promoted by the following factors:

- gentle regime for income tax;
- well-regulated financial system;
- well-developed supporting infrastructure, including Internet communications;
- presence in the region of a deep-sea port.

Labuan, as an offshore jurisdiction, seeks to take a weighty position in such areas of activity as the provision of services in the Islamic financial sector. This condition is promoted in every way by the conditions created by the government of the country for entrepreneurs who conduct their business in the region.

State support for entrepreneurs developing their business in Labuan

The industry of the financial sector, formed in this region, has its roots in the 90s of the last century, when the International Offshore Financial Center was established.

Along with this, the State Service for the Management of the Offshore Financial Center Labuan - LOFSA became operational in the region. Today, this structure is renamed and named the International Business and Financial Center of Labuan - IBFC.

Even despite the upheavals that the global market has undergone in recent years, the region's economy has demonstrated stable growth in such areas as insurance, leasing and the banking sector. In addition, the island is becoming more popular with those entrepreneurs who plan to invest their money in the economies of countries such as Malaysia and South Korea.

The number of those who wanted to open a company here is increasing every year because in this offshore jurisdiction laws are adopted that facilitate the opening of funds, limited liability companies, mutual investment and insurance funds, special trusts and shipping companies, as well as successful planning of economic activities. In addition, there is a law on taxation of offshore business activities, which allows organizations registered in the region to avoid double taxation.


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