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Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is located in Western Europe, bordered by France, Germany, Belgium. The country, along with the Netherlands and Belgium is part of Benelux. The state is a member of many international organizations such as NATO, UN, the OECD, Western European Union, is one of the founders of the European Union. In addition, Luxembourg is in the European Court of Justice, European Investment Bank, European Investment Fund. Luxembourg has signed more than 50 agreements on avoidance of double taxation.

The stability of the economy, a wide range of financial services and well-developed banking sector firmly established jurisdiction in the list of the largest financial centers. Well-functioning legal framework, attractive conditions for foreign investors and preferential tax system are considered as obvious advantages. Business respectability – is another important factor for solid image of the company, which has nothing in common with the classic offshore.

Company registration will allow you to open a bank account in Luxembourg. Banking in Luxembourg occupies a leading position in the world thanks to stability and reliability. A wide range of banking products and services, high professionalism, high degree of confidentiality, not inferior to the Swiss, are tangible benefits of Luxembourg banks. At the account opening in Luxembourg, owner`s name can be kept in secret, that, in particular, attracted many foreign businessmen. In some cases, it may be required documents about nature of company activities during corporate accounts opening. The tax system provides wide opportunities for tax planning, especially for funds and holding companies, as well as companies that are not engaged in commercial activities across the country and have control and management authorities abroad.

Corporate tax rate consists of 3 parts: general rate is 20% from income amount to 15,000 euros and 21% from the amount over 15,000 euros; contributions to the unemployment fund is equal to 4% from the total rate; the size of municipal tax varies between 6-10,5% and is set by the municipality. Dividends tax is paid at the rate of 15%, but under certain conditions, a parent holding company may be exempted from dividends tax, received from subsidiary. The VAT rate is 15%.

There are following the most popular company’s types in Luxembourg:

- Joint-stock company (SA);

- Limited Liability Company (SARL);

- Partnership with unlimited liability (SENC);

- Limited Partnership (SCA, SCS).

Companies registered in Luxembourg should have registered office in the country`s territory, financial statements delivery, in certain cases - passing the audit. For company opening it is necessary to have minimum one director (for joint stock company - three directors constituting the Board of Directors) and minimum one shareholder with any citizenship. In the role of shareholders and directors, as well as partners can act both private and legal persons. The names of directors and shareholders are in public access, while there is a possibility to use a nominee service. One can issues registered, preference shares and bearer shares.


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