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Grand Duchy of Luxembourg – is a small Western European country bordering with Germany, France, Belgium. Luxembourg is one of the founders of the EU, is included into Eurozone, has membership in such international organizations as United Nations, Western European Union and NATO.

Popularity of Luxembourg as a major financial center is due to:

- Impeccable reputation of a non-classical offshore;

- Comfortable conditions for doing business, especially investment activity;

- Compliance with the high level of confidentiality;

- The country`s economic stability;

- Loyal tax policy.

Preferential tax regime is characterized by the absence of income tax and corporation tax for companies that do not receive income from activities in the country and its management is carried out from abroad. The corporate tax rate for resident companies is 20%, if the company`s income is less than 15 000 euros, and 21% if the income exceeds noted amount. Municipal tax rate ranges from 6 to 10, 5% depending on the particular municipality. The standard tax rate on dividends is 15%. If the dividends are received by the parent company, which not less than 12 months owns a 10% shares of authorized capital of the subsidiary, then zero tax rate is applying. The VAT rate is 15%. Payroll tax is not charged.

Company name in Luxembourg must meets certain requirements: it must contain the end of such words or abbreviations as LTD, Limited, Corporation, Corp, Incorporated, Inc.

The most popular forms of companies in Luxembourg are:

- Joint-stock company (SA);

- Limited Liability Company (SARL);

- Partnership with unlimited liability (SENC);

- Limited Partnership (SCA, SCS);

- Direct Investment Fund (SICAR);

- Investment company (SOPARFI);

- Holding wealth management company (SPF).

For SA and SARL there are requirements to the size of the authorized capital - 31 000 euros and 12 500 euros respectively. For such companies opening one requires minimum one director (in the case of SARL - three directors) and minimum one shareholder – private or legal person of any residence. The presence of registered office in Luxembourg and annual financial statements are necessary. Audit is compulsory for SA, if its annual turnover exceeds 4.6 mln. euros.

For partnerships, there are no requirements to the size of the authorized capital, which is divided between the partners in the form of shares. For the partnership opening it is necessary at least two partners, one of which is general partner with unlimited liability, and a partner with limited liability. Administrative functions are entrust on the General Partner. Questions about shares transfer are settled at the general meeting of partners. Partnerships taxation performed on the partner level, depending from obtained profits.

For funds and holding companies there are also significant tax benefits. For example, direct investment fund is exempt from capital gains tax, tax on dividends paid to the SICAR. Earnings from monetary funds, saved during the year for the upcoming investment (upon condition of document presentation about reinvestment) are non-taxable.

Investment firm SOPARFI is exempt from paying taxes on dividends, if it has owned for 12 months at least 10% subsidiary’s share capital, earnings of which in the place of registration income is taxed at a rate of not less than 11%. Holding companies are exempt from income tax, net wealth tax and local tax upon the condition of waiving from doing business.

Thus, there are a number of advantages of company registration in Luxembourg:

- Strict confidentiality;

- Ability to use nominee service;

- No foreign exchange controls;

- Wide range of permitted activities;

- There are no specific requirements for the post of Director and shareholder;

- Ability to issue registered shares and bearer shares;

- Signing of agreements on avoidance of double taxation with 57 countries.


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